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While some scarecrows may be “outstanding in their fields” this beauty in Tracey Clarke's yard is drawing plenty of smiles in Childers.

There’s nothing too scary about the scarecrow perched in the front yard of the Clarke residence in Oakes Street, Childers.

The pretty face under long brunette locks is proving a real head spinner as passers-by do a double take just to be sure they are really seeing what they think they are seeing.

Tracey Clarke put the scarecrow together from “bits and pieces” and far from being something to scare nuisance birds, the scarecrow is simply a bit of fun.

“I think it’s nice if you can brighten someone’s day and our front yard friend really achieves that,” she said.

“The kids love it and there’s always plenty of thumbs-up and big grins. It’s nice if you can do something that has a positive effect on people.”

For the record, the scarecrow’s pretty face is from a hairdresser's wig mannequin and Tracey’s hubby may be short a few clothes she used to complete the ensemble.

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Elliott Heads scarecrow by Andrea McPherson.
By Andrea McPherson, Elliott Heads