Biggenden meatworks and store sale report


Burnett Livestock & Realty’s meatworks and store sale at Biggenden on Monday 4 March saw a yarding of 1721 head.

Cattle were drawn from Theodore, Gogango, Lowmead, Childers, Bororen, Stonelands, Mundubbera, Tansey, Monto, Lower Wonga, Windera, Booubyjan, Hervey Bay, Mt Perry, Gin Gin, Gayndah, Bundaberg, Rosedale, Bucca, Maryborough, and all local areas.

Two and four tooth Droughtmaster bullocks from Gayndah sold for 265c/$1498. Two and four tooth Brahman bullocks from Biggenden sold for 260c/$1346. Four tooth Braford cross bullocks from Binjour sold for 265c/$1735. Four and six tooth bullocks from Monto sold for 267c/$1652.

Two and four tooth Charbray heifers from Gayndah sold for 239c/$1211. Four and six tooth Red Brahman heifers from Theodore sold for 243c/$1177.

Charbray cows from Biggenden sold for 205c/$1272. Charbray cows from Mundubbera sold for 204c/$1306. Red Brahman cows from Theodore sold for 206c/$1251.

Milk tooth Droughtmaster steers from Hervey Bay sold for 261c/$1164. Two tooth Brangus cross steers from Gooroolba sold for 249c/$1187 and 253c/$1177. Two and four tooth Simbrah steers from Brooweena sold for 260c/$1189.

Milk and two tooth steers from Mundubbera sold for 248c/$1128. Milk tooth Charbray steers from Gin Gin sold for 248c/$898. Grey Brahman steers from Biggenden sold for 244c/$769.

Simbrah weaner steers from Bororen sold for 250c/$726. Charbray weaner steers from Gin Gin sold for 230c/$560. Charbray weaner steers from Hervey Bay sold for 234c/$690.

Milk and two tooth Braford heifers from Lowmead sold for 217c/$863. Brangus two tooth heifers from Gayndah sold for 230c/$931. A line of Charolais Droughtmaster Hereford cross heifers from Monto sold for 210c/$852. Charbray milk tooth heifers from Monto sold for 204c/$702. Milk tooth Charbray heifers from Eidsvold sold for 208c/$727.

Simmental weaner heifers from Gin Gin sold for 186c/$489. Brahman cross weaner heifers from Bundaberg for 161c/$375. Brangus cross weaner heifers from Gin Gin sold for 158c/$447.

24 x 24 cows and calves were yarded and topped at $900/unit and averaged $735/unit.

The next meatworks and store sale will be on Monday 18 March.

From Burnett Livestock & Realty

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