Staying healthy: Going digital helps business to grow

Bundaberg Health Foods
Linda Tindale from Bundaberg Health Foods has gone digital to engage with customers and says the results are positive.

Linda Tindale has helped Bundy locals live healthier lives for nearly a decade and says business wellbeing requires a digital presence.

Her health food store on Woongarra Street — Bundaberg Health Foods — is well-known for its impressive range of local products, ranging from local honey and nutritious bread to all kinds of supplements and essential oils.

While some business owners say the retail industry keeps declining, Linda has made the conscious decision to make use of the digital world to continue growing her business.

“A couple of years ago I noticed a decline in sales and knew that the way people buy and research products nowadays has changed significantly,” she said.

“People search online now. For business owners who don’t quite know how to make sense of it all, the internet can be a little scary.

“But when you start embracing it and make it an integral part of growing your business, it can change everything.

Social media now allows us to reach customers who never knew we are here.

“We don’t sell online yet, but use the internet to educate people about our different products and to communicate with our customers on a regular basis, giving them more reasons to visit us in-store

“Our customers love it and it’s definitely working.”

Linda is only one of many great examples of forward-thinking business owners with a great online presence in the Bundaberg community.

Na Chen, owner of Holistic Chinese Massage Therapy, agrees.

“Digital marketing has completely changed the way I promote my business. I used to rely on foot traffic and word of mouth, but that simply wasn’t enough to sustain a healthy business, especially after our move to Targo Street. Since implementing a new digital marketing strategy, we now have new customers coming in every week and business has never been better.”

Over the past two years there have been numerous businesses in Bundaberg who have made digital strategies a main focus in their marketing.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s recent launch of the #lovebundy campaign and its mobile app has given local businesses yet another great platform to leverage off new technology to promote their services and encourage the community to buy local.

Marketing consultant David Lee-Schneider believes opportunities for local businesses have never been better.

“Business owners need to stop blaming the economy or competition for not doing too great,” he said.

“Opportunities are always there. In every economy there are businesses that do well and others that don’t.

“Most small business owners I work with are incredibly passionate and amazing at what they do, but more often than not they just need a little help with getting their marketing right.

“Not using the internet is not really an option any more if you want to build a successful business.”

To learn more about the #lovebundy campaign and to download the app, visit