Hairdresser puts community first with free cuts

Olivia Bing provides free haircuts for people who can't afford it every second Tuesday.

Bundaberg is a caring community.

Hairdresser Olivia Bing gives free cuts every second Tuesday to those who can't afford it at Angels Community Group's Second 2 None store.

“I have been doing it for a bit under a year,” she said.

“I just thought as a community we should all band together.

“At Second 2 None, it is a nice positive environment for people to come in to have a chat and a haircut.

“I have met some beautiful people. I see them regularly and they have become part of my everyday.”

“I don't just offer trims, some ladies or men like a total restyle; they haven't had the opportunity to be able to afford a haircut for quite some time.”

With mental illness, domestic violence and other issues weighing people down, it's important to be open and available to people in need — Olivia Bing

Olivia said her volunteer work had opened her up to meeting new people, learning about life and making lasting friendships.

“It is uplifting to see them walk out with a smile on their face.”

And while Olivia's own hair salon, Eclectic Hair on Maryborough Street, is always busy, she said she still made time for her volunteer work and was excited to include some of her staff members.

“Eventually I would like to be able to share this experience with my staff,” she said.

“It's a fantastic opportunity for my apprentices to show off their skills and to also make someone's day.

“I just think there is a lesson in it for everyone.”

Prom assistance

Olivia said services would even extend come prom time, with the hairdresser banding together with Angels Community Group to provide the full formal experience.

“There will be ball dresses and accessories donated from the community that are provided and my staff will offer free hair and makeup, including trials, for the special day,” she said.

“We offer this to children who can't afford to go all out for their prom.

Olivia Bing at Second 2 None on Walla Street.

“All they have to do is come in to Eclectic Hair or Second 2 None and put their name down; there is no judgement.”

Olivia said with mental illness, domestic violence and other issues weighing people down, it was important to be open and available to people in need.

“Sometimes you just don't realise what is going on in someone's life,” she said.

“They might look fine but once you ask ‘are you okay', it can just change their day.

“This experience has changed my life and has been an opportunity for me to give back and to also teach my kids a lesson about showing a bit of compassion.”

Olivia provides free haircuts for all ages every second Tuesday from 9am to 12 noon at Angels Community Group Second 2 None store on Walla Street.

The next session will be Tuesday, March 19.