Feral deer sighted in Barolin Nature Reserve

Video of a feral deer in Barolin Nature Reserve by Kevin Hill.

A local resident took to Facebook to post photographic evidence of seeing a feral deer in the Barolin Nature Reserve.

Kevin Hill published a video and two pictures publicly on his Facebook account, saying they were taken Wednesday afternoon (20 March).

Kevin told Bundaberg Now the sighting occurred at 4.30pm, 500 metres from the Davidson Road entrance.

Mr Hill is training to hike Mount Everest and walks four hours every day. He was walking through Barolin Nature Reserve when he spotted what he thought was a kangaroo.

“I thought, man that's a big roo,” he said.

“That’s when I realised what it actually was. I thought, oh finally! I have been waiting to see this thing since my friend told me about it.

“I always have my eyes open on these walks; there are some strange and wonderful things out there.”

Mr Hill said the deer was “about human height” and took off quite quickly with a kangaroo.

Reports of feral deer sightings in the reserve were first made around August 2018.

Bundaberg Regional Council has responsibility for the Barolin Nature Reserve while the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is responsible for the Mon Repos turtle rookery.

Council says a contractor has been engaged to locate the remove the deer.

Deer are a restricted invasive animal as listed in the Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014 and sightings should be reported to Council, phone 1300 883 699.

Deer can damage native and cultivated vegetation and pose a hazard to vehicles and humans.

Other residents have reported seeing feral deer at various locations.

Deer in the Barolin Nature Reserve
A deer was spotted in the Barolin Nature Reserve near Bargara. Source: Facebook