Bundaberg visit delights tour operators from across Australia

Tour operators from capital cities across Australia visited the Bundaberg Region recently.
Tour operators from capital cities across Australia visited the Bundaberg Region recently.

What can you experience in the Bundaberg Region in less than 24 hours?

Travel agents from major capital cities throughout Australia found out when they arrived for a jam-packed famil recently hosted by Bundaberg Tourism.

From fresh seafood, farm-gate visits, a sunset cruise and delectable culinary experiences, the seven inbound tour operators got a taste of the region during their whirlwind tour.

The operators from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane have clients in markets including China, South-East Asia, India, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Bundaberg Tourism general manager Katherine Reid said the operators now had first-hand knowledge of local tours to take back to their clients.

“All of the products and experiences showcased through this famil really wowed the inbound tour operators,” Ms Reid said.

“The group left knowing that the region offered quality experiences for their clientele to include in their Australian itineraries.”

She said in the tourism industry it was essential to have tour operators that could advocate for your destination.

“Famils are a chance to educate and win over the people who influence consumers in making their holiday decisions,” she said.

“If trade partners know our product and like it, they can do a lot to sell it through their respective channels – they effectively become ambassadors for the region.

“Building trade relationships is an essential part of doing business in the tourism industry and showcasing the Bundaberg Region as a destination of choice.

“After all, our products and experiences, and destination, are competing on the world stage for a share of the visitor dollar and famils of key inbound agents are a cost effective way to share the Bundaberg spirit.”

The itinerary:

In just 24 hours, split across two days tour operators from around Australia were treated to a whirlwind tour of the Bundaberg Region.

Day 1:

  • Lunch at Grunske’s by the River
  • A shortened version of Bundy Food Tours, visiting Redridge Farms where they learnt all about Bundaberg’s figs growing all year round and then to Alloway Farm Market for a sample of fresh figs and coffee roasting with Tom from Barking Dog Coffee.
  • Sunset drinks aboard the new Reef Empress and an overview of the tour offerings available with Lady Musgrave Experience and Tobruk Dive Experience with catering by the Windmill Café.

Overnight at Kelly’s Beach Resort

Day 2

  • Breakfast at Windmill
  • A visit to Bundaberg Rum
  • Lunch at H20 Restaurant

The famil opportunity was supported through Bundaberg Tourism’s partnership with Alliance Airlines.