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Fox control program a success

A male fox trapped on a cane farm near Fairymead.
A male fox trapped on a cane farm near Fairymead.

A fox control program, undertaken by Bundaberg Mary Regional Group, along the Woongarra Coast has successfully helped protect marine turtles and other native species.

BMRG engaged Silent Night Pest Management over two weeks recently trapped and humanely disposed of foxes around the Kolan River, Moore Park Beach and Fairymead.

Seven foxes, one wild dog and two feral cats were captured.

Project officer Mauricio Montoya said this was a good outcome.

“Foxes can roam several kilometres looking for food, and by removing one active den with four foxes we’ve provided significant protection for native animals,” he said.

“Three other active dens were identified, and one fox was trapped at each of these.

“Of the properties searched almost all had some evidence of fox activity, however evidence varied from very old to occasional and fresh.”

Permission to access private property was sought before entry and landholders were given detailed information about the planned activities.

Thermal technology and GPS were used to inform the trapping and to record data.

“Trap locations were determined by fox activity and local knowledge,” Mauricio said.

“A total of 32 traps were set and all were removed on 1 March.

“It’s recognised that further control work will need to be undertaken but this project had a positive outcome in providing some protection to our iconic marine turtles and other native animals.”

BMRG is coordinating the Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program with funding from the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Queensland Government’s Queensland Reef Water Quality Program.

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