All Holden Day draws car fans from across Queensland

All Holden display draws car crowd to Bundaberg

Bundaberg's Early Holden Club president Rob Bickmore with his 1967 HR Premier sedan.

Glistening chrome and pristine interiors of Holdens old and new impressed the crowd at this year’s All Holden Day annual car show.

The weather was perfect for the Bundaberg Early Holden Club event, which drew people from all over Queensland.

Club president Rob Bickmore said more than 100 cars were on display.

“We have 85 Holdens in for judging; it’s really been a mad turnout, more than we expected,” Rob said.

“We actually had traffic congestion, but that’s good in a way.”

Rob said visitors to the Bundaberg Region often stay for a few days to check out other tourist attractions, such as the Bundaberg Rum Distillery.

All Holden Day
More than 80 Holdens were displayed at this year's All Holden Day at Bundaberg.

Holden love runs deep

The proud owner of a 1967 Holden Premier, Rob said most cars were given a name, and his was named Baby by his wife Susanne.

“My wife named it that, because she reckons it gets treated better than she does but that’s not true,” he joked.

Judges were busy looking at every detail of the vehicles, from paint work to the interior.

“A lot of care goes in to owning a Holden,” Rob said.

“The oldest car we have here is a 1948 FX model with its original paint colour.”

Rob said keeping a Holden in an original condition was highly regarded.

More than 80 Holdens were displayed at this year's All Holden Day at Bundaberg.

Holden stops manufacturing in Australia

While people celebrated all things Holden, they lamented the fact the iconic brand was no longer made in Australia.  

Rob said it was a sad day for all Holden lovers when the manufacturing of GM cars stopped in Australia.

“It was a big thing for Australia,” he said.

“I grew up with Holdens as a kid and it was a big thing each time the new model was coming out.”

It’s not just the Holdens on display; hotrods and vintage cars were also on show.

“There’s definitely a good mix of cars,” Rob said.

Planning for the event, which has run for almost three decades, starts in November.

Anyone interested in joining the club can visit here.

  • Holden owners gear up for All Holden Day
All Holden Day
One of the impressive machines at the All Holden Day in Bundaberg.