Bundaberg Region wildlife book published


A new book by Stephanie Jackson from Gin Gin features the unique wildlife of the Bundaberg Region.

Chasing spiders up and down her childhood home’s hallway as a young girl sparked Mrs Jackson's passion for all creatures great and small.

A Bundaberg Region wildlife book has been written by Stephanie Jackson.
Stephanie Jackson has written a book about Bundaberg Region wildlife, Australian Wildlife on Your Doorstep.

Mrs Jackson's fascination with nature grow.

Fast forward a few decades and she has published her first book Australian Wildlife on Your Doorstep.

The 73-year-old writer said it was full of information and bright photos about a vast number of animals from across the Bundaberg Region.

“I’ve always been interested in wildlife – I use to pick up dead things on the beach as a girl,” she said.

“My mother said my room had a smell to it, like dead starfish or from the snails I had in jars, which would come out for a race down the hallway every now and then.”

A letter from Sir David Attenborough

Creating a few copies of the book herself, Mrs Jackson sent the first to Sir David Attenborough and the second to a publishing house, New Holland Publishers.

“Sir David sent me a letter back saying ‘wonderful, wonderful, wonderful’,” Mrs Jackson said.

“So I knew I was on to a good thing.”

Writing is the other passion Mrs Jackson said came natural to her.

“Before I went to school I was writing, even as a little tacker I just loved writing.

“Even now if I think of something in the middle of the night I’ll just write it down immediately in the dark.

“Rather than switch the nightlight on, and wake his lordship (Mrs Jackson’s husband Andrew), I’d just write in the dark.”

Mrs Jackson joked that her writing has become an addiction.

She said Andrew once took the office key away, so she could have a break from writing.

“But I’d try getting in through the window,” she laughed.

“I must admit I was a bit of a pain to my husband.”

Bundaberg Region wildlife in backyards

Mrs Jackson said she was amazed by the amount of wild animals found around the region and said 60 per cent of those in the book were found in her own backyard.  

“My favourite type of animal is a spider,” she said.

“I realise the value of spiders. Sometimes I will hide them behind curtains in the house so I don’t have to move them outside.”

The 284-page book showcases 300 photos of Bundaberg Region wildlife with a selection of birds, frogs and possums through to invertebrates just like Mrs Jackson's favourite spiders.

There are now 2000 copies of Australian Wildlife on Your Doorstep waiting to be purchased.

To obtain a copy click here.

Stephanie Jackson's book about Bundaberg Region wildlife.
Stephanie Jackson has written a book about Bundaberg Region wildlife.


  1. My book concerns far more than the wildlife of the Bundaberg region, for many of the wild creatures, from birds and mammals to reptiles, frogs, spiders and insects that are featured in it are found throughout Australia.

    I’ve been a professional writer and photographer for more than 25 years, with my work focusing on travel, the natural environment and sustainable agriculture, so although “Australian Wildlife On Your Doorstep’ is my first book, it’s certainly not my first literary work.

    The book is available in bookshops throughout Australian and overseas and can also be purchased from online retailers.

    For additional information and to see a wide range of my images log onto http://www.photographsofaustralia.com

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