Mobile kitchen chef shares tips ahead of Bundaberg classes

Mobile kitchen manager Amalia Berastegui will host classes in Bundaberg over the next 10 weeks.
Mobile kitchen manager Amalia Berastegui will host classes in Bundaberg over the next 10 weeks.

Ever wondered how to find the perfect ripe avocado?

Jamie’s Ministry of Food mobile kitchen manager Amalia Berastegui impressed attendees at last week's Bundaberg launch event with her impressive knife skills and interesting food tips.

“The secret is not to squish it on the side, it can bruise it,” Amalia said.

“To avoid that, press it at the tip.

“A good way of knowing what the texture should feel like, if you touch the tip of your nose it should be a similar texture.”

Amalia will lead the cooking classes in Bundaberg bringing with her over 10 years’ experience as a chef.

She said the classes were for anyone aged 12 and over.

“It’s not only for experienced cooks or not experienced cooks,” Amalia said.

“If you don’t know anything you will learn a lot.

“If you know a lot it will teach you new recipes and make your already good cooking even better!”

Hands on cooking in the mobile kitchen

She said the classes were “hands on cooking”.

“What we do, they do too. There’s a lot of cooking, a lot of trying.

“It’s a very interactive 90-minute class.

“It’s not all about nutrition, it’s a bit of nutrition, a bit of trying, a bit of cooking and a bit of fun.”

Amalia said the $100 course included one class a week for five weeks.

“We cook and they cook as well.

“What they cook they take home and what we cook we share at the end of the class.”

Well Goodness Me owner Melissa Baker attended the cooking classes last time the mobile kitchen was in town and loved it so much she’s back this year as a food trainer.

“I attended this when it last visited in 2013 and got so much out of it,” Melissa said.

“Inside the travelling kitchen van itself is an amazing sight to be seen.

“The course is a hands-on cooking program, using Jamie Oliver's recipes and his philosophy on cooking, buying, storing and eating good, fresh, healthy food.”

There are still spots available in the first five-week course which starts this week. Bookings are essential.

The mobile kitchen is located in the carpark of Stockland Shopping Centre.