Jack’s crowing after Bruce the rooster claims prize

350 chickens and roosters on show

Jack Vuichoud, 13, was beaming from ear to ear with his rooster Bruce taking out Reserved Champion for bird of show.

Thirteen-year-old Jack Vuichoud was crowing after his rooster Bruce was judged reserve champion bird at the 2019 Bundaberg Show.

It certainly wasn’t the quiet part of the show, but the noise wasn’t the laughter of children that filled the air, it was the cock-a-doodle-doo of the prize winning roosters.

Jack said there was 350 chickens and roosters on show and to come in second was an honour.

“It’s the first time I have taken out such a high award,” Jack said.

“Bruce is a black langshan large; I am really happy with winning.”

The Australian Langshan is an Australian chicken breed, derived from the Croad Langshan and accepted by the Australian Poultry Standard as a recognised breed.

The Australian Langshan is little known outside Australia, but is a popular breed inside the country.

The breed comes in both bantam and standard size.

Prize-winning poultry in their blood

The Year 8 Bundaberg High School student said he enjoyed entering the show with his chickens because he got to spend more time with his pop.

Jack is the grandson of Bundaberg Poultry Fanciers Club's Mal McDougall.

Mal isn’t new to the game, he has been competing since he was six years old.

Mal McDougall with his modern game black red hen, which won a reserve hard feather large female.

Now 60 years later, his face still lights up with excitement when asked about his prize-winning chooks.

Mal said he was proud of his only grandson saying it was in his blood.

“Jack has 25 birds on show here,” Mal said.

“And I have 125, with an untold amount of ribbons. This really is the best ag show.

“And hopefully Jack and I will be here for years to come, entering our birds.”

In the pavilion stands a blackboard has more than 40 years of winners listed.

Mal's name appears a number of times, the most recent being last year for his Modern Birchen Hen.

It would be a dream for Jack to one day have his name joining his grandfather's in black and white.

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