Plumbers put their water tapping skills to the test


Bundaberg Regional Council plumbers had their skills on show yesterday in a fast-paced water tapping competition in front of their peers.

The Water Tapping Contest was part of the 44th Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition held at the Bundaberg Multiplex this week.

Peter Esposito and Ian Laing made up one of three Bundaberg Regional Council teams competing against others from across the state, and were very modest about their accomplishment.

“Three Bundaberg teams participated and we were definitely the best,” Mr Esposito said.

“We are older, wiser, a lot more experienced.

“We haven't done this particular job for 25 years but that doesn't matter; it still shows we haven't lost it,” Mr Laing added.

Bundaberg Regional Council water tapping competitors Peter Esposito and Ian Laing.

Water tapping for fun

The duo said apart from the fun of competition, water tapping is actually a term used in the industry.

“Water tapping is putting a new service on to a property,” Mr Esposito said.

“It's a water feed from the main into their service.”

Although the pair did not come close to winning, they said they had a great time nonetheless.

“It was a great exercise to see who could do the job efficiently and in the fastest time,” Mr Esposito said.

“It was fun, we enjoyed it,” Mr Laing added.

The WIOA Conference and Exhibition was held at the Multiplex and wrapped up in Bundaberg yesterday afternoon.

water tapping
Ian Laing and Peter Esposito were on a water tapping mission.