How to be water wise in the garden

National Waster Week: How can you be water wise int he garden?
National Water Week: How can you be water wise int he garden?

Did you know there are certain times of day best for watering the garden? Or that there are types of plants that need just a small amount of water to thrive?

With National Water Week upon us, we shine the spotlight on our outdoor areas to remind green thumbs of the many ways to save on water in the garden.

What is National Water Week?

National Water Week is held every third week of October and highlights all the different ways individuals and businesses can be water wise.

No only does the campaign help to inspire individuals, communities and organisations to work together to build awareness around the value of water, it also aims to protect water environments and resources.

Water savvy garden hacks

If you are a bit of a gardening enthusiast, you too can do your part in being more water wise with these few simple steps.

Bundaberg's resident green thumb Diane Southwell said during the year there were specific times your should water get the best results for your garden and prevent water wastage.

“The best time to water in Winter is the morning,” she said.

“If you water in the middle of the day it is just going to evaporate.

“In Summer, definitely water in night time when it is a lot cooler and your plants can absorb that moisture a lot better.”

Diane said there were also specific types of plants you could buy that were easy to maintain and didn't need a lot of water to thrive- perfect for those water wise gardeners!

“Buy plants that suit the conditions,” she said.

“Succulents are a great example to be water wise, and mulch. Keep that moisture on your root zone to keep things nice and cool and an even temperature.”