Jasmine represents Queensland at polocrosse

Shalom College student Jasmine Bowden recently represented Queensland in polocrosse
Shalom College student Jasmine Bowden recently represented Queensland in polocrosse.

Bundaberg teenager Jasmine Bowden is carrying on her family’s polocrosse tradition and hopes to compete at the Australian World Cup in 2023.

The Shalom College student was featured in the latest episode of Shalom TV after her selection in the Queensland Polocrosse team which took on New Zealand and won.

Jasmine has been competing competitively in polocrosse for seven years and said it was a family tradition.

“My whole family has done it, from my grandparents to their parents, I’ve just carried on from them,” Jasmine said.

“I got selected to play in a Queensland team and we played against the New Zealand team for two games.

“We won the first by four and lost the second by one but we still ended up winners overall.”

Jasmine Bowden sets sights high

Competing at a state level for polocrosse is nothing new to Jasmine and she has hopes to attend the Australian World Cup in the future.

“I’d like to be in the Australian squad before I turn 23 which is my hope, and there’s another, to play in the Australian World Cup which recently just happened at Warwick in April.

“But there’s another World Cup in 2023 which I’m aiming to go for.”

Jasmine loves polocrosse

Polocrosse requires teams of six where only three team members from each team are present on the field at one time.

“Polocrosse, it’s like Polo and Lacrosse mixed together and it’s got rules like netball, the lines are like netball.”

Jasmine said there were plenty of things she enjoyed about the sport.

“The adrenaline rush and it’s just fun,” she said.

“You can really connect with people.”