Kids have a blast at International Mud Day

The Frogtastic International Mud Day event proved popular
The Frogtastic International Mud Day event proved popular

It can only be described as chaotic and messy but Frogtastic’s first International Mud Day event was such a hit that it is set to be the first of many.

The Branyan kindergarten celebrated International Mud Day with a free community event on Tuesday, with the official day to be marked on Saturday 29 June 2019.

Kindergarten teacher Kristy Ramsay said she was thrilled with the turnout for the event.

“This year’s our first year that we’ve actually done it and we just thought it would be a great bit of fun to have with the kids and see how they react to it,” Ms Ramsay said.

“It’s turned a little bit chaotic but it’s been a ball of fun so definitely will be one of many to come.”

Fellow kindergarten teacher Scott Chambers said the benefit of International Mud Day was to get kids back out in to nature.

“Back out in to that core learning of learning in their environment and obviously gets them off the screens which is a big problem these days,” Mr Chambers said.

“It also allows them to develop their relationships in a different setting with their peers.”

He said the response had been positive with all of their kindy kids and some additional families attending.

“So the response has been massive and it can only get even better from the years to come.”

International Mud Day provides sensory input

Parent Christie Kelly, who has a child that attends the kindergarten, said it was a wonderful International Mud Day event.

“They are having an absolute blast running around throwing mud,” Ms Kelly said.

“It gets them outside, a lot of kids these days aren’t outside.

“It’s great for sensory play, sensory input, getting different types of resources, natural resources on them which they don’t get to experience that much at home anymore.”

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