Bushwalking Club always looking for new members

Bundaberg Bushwalking Club
Bundaberg Bushwalking Club is always after new members to join.

Bundaberg Bushwalking Club is on the lookout for more members to join them in the beautiful outdoors and club member Lucinda Doughty says now is the perfect time to join.

The club currently has about 75 active members and caters for all abilities with a range of walks starting from easy strolls to harder adventurous walks and overnight treks for those with more experience.

“We have members in their eighties who are still out walking with us, and our oldest, Barry, will celebrate his 89th birthday this year,” Lucinda said

“Barry still comes along for the drive as he loves the social side and even when we go out to Mount Walsh he will come along to help with the car pooling and sit in the sun and do crosswords until we return from the hike.”

Lucinda said the winter months were the best time for bushwalking while the weather is cool, and she was amazed by the growth in the club over the past two years.

“When I joined five years ago there was about 30 members and now there are 75 members,” she said.

“We also have 1400 followers on Facebook now and often have new visitors on each walk.”

The Bundaberg Bushwalking Club ventures out to different destinations around the region, including Agnes Water, Goodnight Scrub and Coonarr and Woodgate.

Bundaberg Bushwalking Club is looking for more members to join them in the beautiful Bundaberg Region outdoors.
Bundaberg Bushwalking Club members enjoying the beach after a recent walk.

Lucinda said bushwalks take place every second Sunday, one weekend is a hard or difficult walk and the following Sunday is an easy type.

“The walks could be up Mount Walsh or walking along the Turtle path at Bargara – it really does vary,” she said.

“A lot of our hard walks are off-track and experience is required.”

The club tried to never repeat the same walk during the year, although they sometimes found it hard to discover new places to explore.

“We rarely repeat walks but sometimes we find it difficult to find somewhere different to go,” Lucinda said.

“We often walk on private property when we have permission and if there are any landowners out there who would allow us to walk over their land it would be great if they could contact us.

“It could be any sort of land, it doesn’t have to be a marked track, we just like to have something to see so whether it’s the view along the walk or something at the end it would be appreciated.”

She said the club was excited to hear the news that Bundaberg Regional Council will investigate funding sources to build a 46km rail trail along the disused railway corridor between Bundaberg and Gin Gin.

By joining the Bundaberg Bushwalking Club people also learn new skills such as navigation while enjoying the outdoors in a social environment.

Lucinda said anyone interested in joining the Bundaberg Bushwalking Club should check out the Facebook page or they could phone 0421 011 181 for more information.