Camp cook-off weekend a feast for 4WD group

CAMP COOK OFF: Elizabeth Jones preparing her meal.
Elizabeth Jones preparing her meal.

The annual Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club camp cook-off weekend was held at the club's camping grounds at a property on the banks of Kolan River recently.

What started as a camp oven cooking competition back in 2001 has evolved into any style of camp cooking.

Over the years meals have been cooked by various means including hay boxes, bell ovens, fry pans, caravan ovens, thermo cookers and the trusty camp oven.

Rules for the competition were that the meal had to be prepared and cooked at the camp.

Mains and desserts were able to be presented to the group for judging.

The feast included some dishes with not so run of the mill names, and also crowd favourites to make the judging all the more interesting.

Meals on the day included: rabbirto stew with sour bread, garlic roast potatoes, sisters scraggy bull stew and mashed potato, angel meat balls and roast lamb with mulled wine.

CAMP COOK OFF: Tim and Deb Colbournes meal prepping.
CAMP COOK OFF: Tim and Deb Colbournes meal prepping.

The variety would put some top class restaurants to shame and all were in the running (except for the burnt offering of Sausage Rolls that didn’t make the cut).

All meals were shared among the group and a ballot taken.

After much sampling of the dishes the winning offering was Peter Budgen’s beef, vegetable and red wine stew.

The desert offerings were just as impressive with cheesecake, lemon tartlets and apple crumble being presented.

The pick of the desserts though was club president Barry Bryett’s chocolate and coffee rum liquor soaked strawberries with chocolate dipping sauce taking out the honours.

For Peter’s effort as overall winner his name will adorn the trophy that has been handed down since the competitions inception.

Not all weekend was spent feasting at the camp cook-off

Setting up a rainwater tank and adding some finishing touches to the campground filled in a morning, with a game of trivia on the agenda before the cooking started, with plenty of discussion on some of the answers.

The group on the Kolan River.
The group on the Kolan River.

You would have thought sheep stations were up for grabs, but alas, it was only a box of chocolates.

After recovering from our “food coma”, some of the group headed out exploring the tracks that wind their way around the property.

Trips to these special, isolated, spots are one of the benefits of being a member of our club.

Not to mention the fun and varied activities we participate in.

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Brad Praed
Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club