On your marks, get set for Bundy’s Olympic bid

Mayor Jack Dempsey has rolled out the welcome mat to the Bundaberg Region following the Queensland Olympic bid.
Mayor Jack Dempsey has rolled out the welcome mat to the Bundaberg Region following the Queensland Olympic bid.

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey has thrown his support behind his fellow mayors for Queensland’s 2032 Olympic bid while highlighting the region’s suitability to contribute.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said he believed the Bundaberg Region had a great opportunity, with its idyllic weather and environment, to host a number of games activities.

“The Bundaberg Region is already home to the internationally recognised Bucca Rowing facility,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Government funds could easily be invested in Olympic infrastructure projects in the Bundaberg Region to stimulate jobs and regional development.

“By thinking bigger than just the South East corner of the state we could see some real economic drivers for the Bundaberg Region.”

All roads lead to Bundaberg for Olympic bid

He said the Bundaberg Olympic bid would be assisted by the many other attractions that bring millions of visitors to the region.

“The Bundaberg Rum Distillery produces four Olympic swimming pools of molasses a year.

“There’s definitely no shortage of room for swimmers to show their expertise while tasting the best our region has to offer!

“We have the same climate as Hawaii – the location for the famous Ironman triathlon – so there’s no doubt we can offer the perfect conditions for the Olympic triathlon event along with some of the best spectator accommodation points in the world.

“Bundaberg has the highest number of caravan registrations than any other postcode in Queensland. The saying goes ‘all roads lead to Rome’ but in this case, all roads lead to Bundaberg.

“We also have the second highest number of boat registrations in the state because of our idyllic waterways.

“Not to mention the fact that we are the food bowl of Australia – we could feed the entire athlete’s village, and even the spectators, locally.”

Mayor Dempsey, with tongue in cheek, said he wouldn’t rule out throwing the region’s hat in the ring to host the entire Olympic Games.

“The beautiful Bundaberg Region is just a four hour drive from our capital city.”

He said the region’s demographics offered opportunities for the international Olympic Organising Committee to amass as many volunteers as they needed.

“Just over 20% of our residents are aged over 65 and we know our community has a generous spirit and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

“Surely, with the many strengths our region features, Bundaberg is a logical option to contribute to a Queensland Olympic bid,” he said.


  1. We are hardly a foodbowl for ourselves though. The good produce we produce is sent to the central market then distributed in the capital cities. We get the left overs sent back to us as three week old vegetables in our supermarkets. Farm fresh is something you only find in Bundaberg if you visit the farm or markets yourself or you go to a restaurant that gets farm deliveries. The shelf life and taste is noticeably different to what is in our supermarket.

  2. This is a wonderful initiative Jack, and so good to see the Council planning for the long term with events 13 years from now. Wise thinking.
    Should the bid be successful there will be time for this current Council and future Councils to focus on what infrastructure etc will be required.
    I wish you every success with your plans.

  3. If the gov is thinking of putting nuclear power in Bundy, forget it. People will not want to come in case of an accident really (think of Japan) and the idea of having Olympics here is GREAT but the cost is there to hit us constituents and the jobs and infrastructure is NONE and Bundaberg should be reasonable to live in but it is really quite costly as the businesses here think of themselves not people (know they need to make a profit) with the produce that is grown it should make it cheaper but NO!

    And Bargara has nothing for tourists, put in a water park on the beach where the water is pumped from the sea and put in a canteen free entry and people will visit the canteen while family is playing. There is nothing in Bargara, really where does our council from? You want tourists to continue to visit, do this and it will pay for itself, do something constructive for Bargara and Bundaberg.

  4. If nothing else, an Olympic Games held in Queensland would help to showcase our State. The ‘ripple effect’ from the Commonwealth Games has, apparently, been ongoing. We are only 4 hours from Brisbane and do have some great attractions, which all of my overseas and interstate visitors have attested to over the years. Good on you Jack for having a go. I love positive people!

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