Elder abuse help on offer at Dementia Cafe

Dementia Café
How to prevent elder abuse will be the key topic of discussion at this month’s Dementia Café meeting at the Gracie Dixon Centre on Friday, 6 September.

How to prevent elder abuse will be the key topic of discussion at this month’s Dementia Cafe meeting at the Sugar Country Motor Inn, Cane Cutters Conference Room on Friday, 6 September 2019.

The morning will be an opportunity for family, friends and carers of people with dementia to share their experiences and help break down the barriers of dementia.

The Dementia Cafe offers a relaxed and informal setting where community members can socialise and connect with others in a similar situation.

Relationships Australia elder abuse prevention support services case manager Angel Nisbet will be the guest speaker and explain what elder abuse is.

Angel will provide information on prevention and what support services are available to carers as well as offering assistance with a case manager.

Supportive environment at Dementia Cafe

Bundaberg Regional Council community and cultural services portfolio spokeswoman Cr Judy Peters said the Dementia Cafe mornings were held on the first Friday of the month and played an important part in the community, especially providing support for people looking after loved ones with dementia.

“These mornings are about breaking down the barriers of dementia,” Cr Peters said.

“It is a way for carers to connect with others in the community and find out more information about dementia in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Cr Peters said participants would be able to speak with openness and find answers to questions.

“It’s an opportunity for people to tell their story and ask for advice if needed,” she said.

“People who find they are not coping can go along or anyone in the community wanting to know more about dementia are also welcome.”

Cr Peters said discussing elder abuse at the Dementia Cafe would assist the carers who find themselves working around the clock when it comes to dementia care and provide emotional support for all involved.

She said talking about the problems that having dementia brings could help people better manage their own situation.

“You will get to meet other people who are in the same boat as yourself and find out how others deal with the illness and feelings of isolation, sadness and distress,” Cr Peters said.

If you are a person with dementia, or you suspect you may have dementia, attending the Dementia Café will provide you with information and organisations they can assist you.

The Gracie Dixon Dementia Cafe will be held at the Sugar Coast Motor Inn, Cane Cutters Kitchen, 220 Bourbong St, at 9.30am on the first Friday of the month.

For more information or to RSVP for catering, phone 4130 4120.

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