Mon Repos Turtle Centre parking concerns

Mon Repos parking at the new Turtle Centre.
Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey is concerned about the lack of car parking at the new Mon Repos Turtle Centre. Photo: Bryan Jones, UAV Bundaberg

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey says he’s concerned the new Turtle Centre at Mon Repos won’t have enough parking for the expected influx of visitors later this year.

Mayor Dempsey said Council has written to the Department of Environment and Science about the issue.

“The new Turtle Centre will be a wonderful addition to our local tourism attractions in the beautiful Bundaberg Region,” he said.

“The modern building is a significant landmark on this environmentally sensitive foreshore.

“As it currently stands, most visitors will have to walk or catch a bus from the main car park on Mon Repos Road to access the centre.”

Mayor Dempsey said developers are normally required to include sufficient car parking but the State Government was exempt from this requirement.

“I understand that Bundaberg Sugar was prepared to negotiate access to some of their land close to the new facility,” he said.

“This would appear to be a better option than bussing people in the dark from a makeshift car park nearly a kilometre away.”

Mayor Dempsey said there would be safety issues with the Department's proposed arrangements.