Ambulance Service awards presented

Paramedics Bundaberg
The Queensland Ambulance Awards Wide Bay were presented in Bundaberg.

Paramedics and community members were today recognised for their efforts at a special awards ceremony at the Bundaberg Multiplex as part of Ambulance Week.

The 2019 Queensland Ambulance Service Wide Bay LASN Awards Ceremony featured more than 50 award recipients for long-standing service and special achievements.

A Bundaberg boy, nine-year-old Joshua, received accolades at the event for his role in helping to save his mother's life after she was involved in an accident.

The fateful day was 22 June 2019 when Joshua acted quickly to find his mother's phone and call Triple 0 after the accident occurred.

Paramedics Joshua
Joshua, 9, received an award as part of Ambulance Week for his role in helping his mum after an accident.

He gave details of his exact location to the operator and tasked one of his friends to wave down the ambulance upon arrival.

Joshua looked after his Mum until paramedics arrived.

Receiving the award for his leadership and maturity, Joshua was all smiles and said he was proud to have helped his mum at a scary time.

“I got the certificate for saving my mum's life pretty much because I had to call Triple 0,” he said.

“I just got really nervous, I freaked out…”

“I have been told about Triple 0 in school…. I think my Mum is really proud of me.”

Woodgate first responders receive an award at the Ambulance Awards Day.

First responders awarded

QAS First Responder Patrick Drew was also recognised at the event for 10 years in his volunteer role.

“Today was the awards ceremony and I was lucky enough to get a ten year award,” he said.

“Woodgate First Responders is a volunteer organisation working in conjunction with the QAS to attend to a patient in a period it takes for an ambulance to get down from Childers, which is typically half an hour,” he said.

“It can be lifesaving. We are usually on scene within five to ten minutes…”

Patrick said while the Woodgate First Responders group was well received in his community, it was extra special to get acknowledgement from the Queensland Ambulance Service.

“It makes me feel really appreciated by the group,” he said.

Paul and Kathryn Fitzpatrick at the Qld Ambulance Awards.

30 years a paramedic

Kathryn Fitzpatrick was awarded for her long service as a paramedic, with an accrual of 30 years within Queensland and the United Kingdom.

“I started straight from school in the United Kingdom and transferred here in 2008 as part of a recruitment drive for United Kingdom paramedics to support Queensland,” she said.

“I am stationed in South Bundaberg as a clinical support officer.”

Kathryn said the ceremony was an important moment of reflection and appreciation for fellow colleagues.

“Quite a lot of people who come to these events are a bit taken aback because we are not used to the focus being put back on us,” she said.

“It is particularly important that we support each other and recognise each other's achievements.

“It's an opportunity for us to see each other and reflect on what has been happening over the past year.”