Stalls prove popular at Pop-Up Shop Trail Bundaberg

Stalls Pop-Up Shop Trail Bundaberg
Paula Matthews from Crafty Recreations and Leeanne Thorpe from Lan Made Treasurers combined stalls for the Pop-Up Shop Trail Bundaberg.

The second Pop-Up Shop Trail Bundaberg proved popular as bargain hunters visited the homes of Bundaberg’s craftiest people.

Leeanne Thorpe from Lan Made Treasurers combined her stall with Paula Matthews from Crafty ReCreations at Paula’s East Bundaberg home.

The pair said their Saturday morning started early with interested people visiting well before the 9am starting time.

Paula’s passion for turning waste into treasure started many years ago when her dogs destroyed a puzzle and she knew there would be no way she could find all the pieces, so she turned the puzzle into earrings.

Stalls Pop-Up Shop Trail Bundaberg
Earrings made from coffee packets at the Pop-Up Shop Trail in Bundaberg.

Paula can transform what most people would consider garbage into something useful and more beautiful then its original purpose.

She recycles everything from empty cat food bags to single use coffee sachets by creating bowls, handbags and even flowers from recycled books including Where's Wally.

Lan Made Treasures

Leeanne said she had been making craft and little pieces for herself for years but was only new to selling to the community and Paul had been an excellent mentor.

“This is the second time I have sold my handmade goods; I thought I would tag along with Paula as she does amazing stuff,” Leeanne said.  

“Her recycled and upcycled stuff is just gorgeous, and she is just so amazing and clever.

“People had said to me – would I sell my stuff at the markets, but I didn’t really know how to and the Pop-Up Shop Trail just made it easy.

“I started making flowers at Mother’s Day when I took an old book from my childhood, Robinson Crusoe, and made flowers for my mum which was quite special.”

All local and handmade

Paula said while being creative was a hobby that gave her something to do in her free time it was nice to share her art pieces with the Bundaberg community.

Stalls Pop-Up Shop Trail Bundaberg
Flowers made from recycled Where's Wally books at the Pop-Up Shop Trail Bundaberg

“There will be another Pop-Up Stall in November and a lady that just came through said she’d like to be involved so the word is spreading,” Paula said.

“It’s all local, handmade stuff, and is a nice little side business to keep you busy.”

Paul said although making some of the items took a lot of time, and was sold for a low price, it was important to her as she didn’t want to see so much landfill in the environment.

“I find it easy to make stuff, but it’s just time consumer and I do it because I love it.”

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