Bundaberg Police donate bicycles for restoration

A bike workshop at the Tom Quinn Community Centre.
A bike workshop at the Tom Quinn Community Centre.

Students of the Tom Quinn Community Centre Alternative School have made great use of bikes donated by Bundaberg Police.

A small work area has been set up with equipment to service and restore bikes to a usable condition.

The students sorted the donated bikes into those that were serviceable and those that could be used for parts.

These bikes were then stripped of any usable parts like pedals, seats or cables to be used in reconditioning serviceable bikes.

With nothing wasted, the remaining frames and wheels were then sent to be recycled, which also proved to be a great learning exercise for the students.

The students were allowed to look through and identify one that they would like to do up for themselves, which was very exciting, especially for those that did not already own a bike.

This process was done really well by the students as they needed to negotiate and then consider others in their choice.

Students got to spend time in different sessions working on their bikes until they were in good working order and able to be taken home.

They enjoyed the hands on learning with a great reward at the end.

Bundaberg Police bike donation a win for students

Sergeant Owens regularly attends the school and enjoyed witnessing their progress.

“Their enthusiasm for working with the bike was evident in their eagerness to show off their works in progress,” Sergeant Owens said.

“They have embraced the concept and it has provided them with a different skill set.”

Bikes have also been distributed to local Scripture Union chaplains who collected some to be used by students at their local primary schools.

The program was also assisted by Jim Carmody at Carmody’s Cycles and Repairs who provided parts and information.

Education Support Facilitator Steven Taggart thanked the QPS for their bike donations.

“These good outcomes could not have been achieved without the support and continued assistance from the Bundaberg Police,” Mr Taggart said.

Senior Community Crime Prevention Officer Sue Rewald
Bundaberg Police