Bevan’s love for music comes from family jamming

Bevan Spiers will be performing at The Waves this weekend with his band, Wild Sauce.
Bevan Spiers will be performing at The Waves this weekend with his band, Wild Sauce.

Bevan Spiers, who is currently performing as a solo artist and groups The Purple Hills and Wild Sauce, is set to entertain audiences this weekend.

Originally from a small town called Pahiatua in New Zealand, Bevan was first introduced to music by his father who sang and played guitar.

Bevan said he could still remember gatherings and parties where his Dad and mates would jam; his seven-year-old self thought that guitars were highly desirable, magical things.

At age 13, Bevan worked on a farm to save enough to buy his first electric guitar and started a band right away.

“It was intoxicating, at that age all I could think about was guitars and girls,” he said.

He played his first gig at high school assembly and sais felt like everything changed and started playing anywhere they could.

Bevan said he drew inspiration from a wide range of genres and remembered staying up late one Friday night after school when a show about Jimi Hendrix came on which it “totally blew my mind”.

From there Bevan developed a real love for the blues, with his creativity being fed by guitar legends like Mark Knopfler, BB King, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Neil Young … just to name a few.

Around 2006, and now living in Queensland, Bevan decided to develop his singing to branch out into solo work.

While it was confronting at the time, many hundreds of gigs later he Bevan is still singing and entertaining audiences with his solo work.

Bevan said he finds different reasons to enjoy performing.

“Sometimes it’s because artistically I’m expressing music the really moves me personally, and sometimes it’s simply that the crowd are really enjoying themselves, it can feel like I’m helping to create happiness,” he said.

“I am just doing what I love, what better thing could there be.”

You can catch Bevan this weekend at The Waves performing with his band The Wild Sauce, serving all the tunes you love.

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