Lake Monduran a standout for the big barra

Steve King with a ripper Lake Monduran barra.
Steve King with a ripper Monduran barra.

Lake Monduran is definitely our standout waterway at the moment with plenty of anglers catching more than five barra in a session.

Most of these fish have been caught in the shallower water. We haven’t been fishing in anything deeper than 16 feet.

The early morning bite is starting to happen again with the warmer nights we’ve been experiencing, so be sure to get up there bright and early.

Jackall Squirrels have again been the standout lure.

Remember to fish with confidence up there, it definitely makes the difference!

Barra also biting in the Burnett River

The fish of the week for the Burnett is definitely the barramundi. Most of these fish have been caught on 20g soft vibes.

I like fishing one hour each side of the low tide in the Burnett for the barra.

Also there’s been a few blue salmon caught as a by-catch. I’d be using around 30lb fluorocarbon when chasing these two species.

Don’t forget to throw the crab pots in. With the big new moon tides there should be some mud crabs on the move.

Bundaberg offshore

It looks like we might be in for some good weather around the Bundaberg area for the offshore guys this weekend!

With the big new moon tides the fish should be on the chew.

Fishing on the tops and bottoms of the tides will be super important.

With the strong current we will be experiencing I’d probably be concentrating more on fishing the shallower parts of the reef, chasing trout and red throat emperor.

Using pilchards as bait and jigging soft plastics off the bottom always get the good results in the shallows!

Mitch caught this Spanish mackeral inshore.
Mitch caught this Spanish mackeral inshore.

Bundaberg inshore

With the big tides this weekend the inshore reefs will be all fired up.

With the water temperature rising dramatically over the past week the school mackerel should be turning up in big numbers.

There’s even been a few solid spanish mackerel roaming around.

Fast retrieving 35g and 50g Flasha spoons vertically off the bottom is a very effective way to put a good bag together.

Floating gar and live baits out the back when anchored will get the spanish mackerel chewing as well.

Kolan River and Baffle Creek

With the water warming up in both the Kolan and the Baffle systems, the mangrove jack are starting to really fire up.

Slow retrieving 3” Zman Minnowz and 4” Zman Diesel Minnowz out of mangroves and rock bars has been getting the bites.

Setting a live bait out is always a very effective technique for the jack as well.

Also, chasing whiting this weekend will be well worth a go.

Pumping yabbies and fishing the shallow sand bars on the incoming tide should get you a tasty feed.

Keep it real, Mitch Beyer
TackleWorld Bundaberg