Fresh new look unveiled on Elliott Heads foreshore

New look Elliott Heads
Mayor Jack Dempsey and divisional representative Cr Scott Rowleson admire the new-look Elliott Heads foreshore from the viewing platform.

The Elliott Heads foreshore is sporting a fresh new look with redevelopment work transforming the main street of the popular beach destination.

The project delivered 104 car parking spaces, new and upgraded pathways, safe drop-off zones and new picnic settings.

Turtle-friendly lighting was also incorporated in to the design along with a new viewing deck complete with seating.

More than 3000 new trees and plants and additional grassed areas will further enhance enjoyment of the area.

WELCOME: A new look entry sign adorns the beach access entry.
A new-look entry sign adorns the beach access entry at Elliott Heads.

Mayor Jack Dempsey welcomed completion of the works, which he said provided greater accessibility to the beach and surrounding facilities.

“It’s fantastic to see the people out here enjoying the new projects that have been completed here at Elliott Heads,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“I’ve been talking to visitors from all around Australia who are really complementing Council on the great job that has really brought this area up to a world-class standard.

“It’s the end of the school holidays and people have really enjoyed it.

“Now the community has greater access, particularly for people with disabilities.”

New plantings Elliott Heads
More than 3000 new trees and plants and additional grassed areas will further enhance the foreshore area.

Viewing platform one of the ‘best features'

Divisional representative Cr Scott Rowleson said it was rewarding to see the Elliott Heads Foreshore Redevelopment project completed following extensive community consultation dating back to 2011.

“I think the completed project that people see here in Elliott Heads, the majority of residents will be extremely happy with and extremely proud to call their own,” Cr Rowleson said.

“I think the best features are just the grass covered areas, brand new trees, new shelters.

“Also too our viewing platform, which I’ve already seen people taking panoramic photos from this morning.

“That’s something we didn’t’ have before and we have now, and it’s a fantastic asset for our community.”

HAPPY BEACH-GOERS: Allan Doherty and Rup Goodall have welcomed the Elliott Heads foreshore redevelopment.

New look Elliott Heads welcomed by beach-goers

Another person welcoming the project’s completion was resident Allan Doherty who has lived in the area for 19 years.

He’s a frequent beach-goer, fuelling his love for kiteboarding which he partakes in “whenever it’s windy”.

“They’ve done a terrific job here, improved it for all the public not just us kiteboarders.

“I really love it.”

While the changes mean he can no longer park his car right next to the beach access, he said he loved the new lawn area.

“Having grass and everything here has made a big difference to us [kiteboarders].”

New look Elliott Heads
New pathways have improved accessibility along the Elliott Heads foreshore.
New look Elliott Heads
The project delivered 104 car parking spaces, new and upgraded pathways, safe drop off zones and new picnic settings.


  1. Just wonder why Northern end Moore Park Beach never gets any beautification. Need toilets and seating.

  2. Yes, hopefully Moore Park Beach will score some funds and become a destination. Perhaps a rebuild / renovation of the surf life savers club would be a good start along with better maintenance of the beachfront park grass and gardens.

  3. Allotments up to 700 sqm. So what is the majority of the allotments going to be?
    Another development where they are going to have small allotments and pack as many in as possible and spoil the whole area.

  4. 700 sq meters is too small, it only creates problems between people with different views on what is too noisy or acceptable. A minimum of 1000 would be more acceptable.

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