Explore wildflower reserve during spring bloom

Vera Scarth-Johnson Wildflower Reserve
A stunning variety of colours can be discovered in the Vera Scarth-Johnson Wildflower Reserve.

Nestled between the Elliott River and Coonarr you will find Vera Scarth-Johnson Wildflower Reserve, a 93 hectare sanctuary bursting with rare plants and diverse colours.

The reserve features well-defined tracks offering tranquil walks for visitors to watch birds or simply enjoy the scenery.

Council natural areas officer Sally Obst said spring was the perfect time to enjoy the Vera Scarth-Johnson Wildflower Reserve.

“When you are here you can see some of the most amazing flowers ranging in colours from whites to creams, purples, pinks and yellows,” Sally said.

“Many of the flowers are very tiny and petite and very different to what you would experience in any other parts of the region of Bundaberg.

“When you come to visit we encourage you to get up close and have a good look at them, touch them, smell them but please don’t pick them.

“We need to leave them here for other people to come and enjoy.”

Sally said the Vera Scarth-Johnson Wildflower Reserve featured two walking tracks with a reasonable gradient and a sandy surface.

“It’s just 25 minutes from town heading south along Goodwood Road and turning left into Coonarr Road,” she said.

“The wildflower reserve features Wallum Heath vegetation which are plants that grow on a sand soil.

“You see many small shrubs dominated by banksias.

“We also have the new threatened Melaleuca cheelii that features in the park as well.”

The reserve was named after Vera Scarth-Johnson, an artist and conservationist who lived in the region between 1940 and 1970.

“Her greatest wish was to give future generations the opportunity to experience the beauty of such an amazing wildflower reserve,” Sally said.

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