Lighthouse Festival lights up Burnett Heads

Lighthouse Festival 2019
Innes Park residents Frank and Louie Lavia said they had enjoyed the not only the great atmosphere the Lighthhouse Festival had to offer, but also enjoyed tucking into a German sausage or two.

Families enjoyed the live music, delicious food and relaxed atmosphere at the 2019 Lighthouse Festival at Burnett Heads on Saturday.

Touted as a celebration of the lifestyle, culture and opportunity in the Bundaberg Region, thousands of people enjoyed perfect weather and a relaxed atmosphere.

Innes Park residents Frank and Louie Lavia said they also enjoyed tucking into a German sausage and said overall it was a great day out.

Lighthouse Festival chairperson Sherilee Ramm said the town’s historic lighthouse was the centrepiece for the event that took 12 months to plan.

“We have so much here today, from artwork and photography, to rides and food,” Sherliee said.

“It’s just a beautiful day, we have wonderful entertainment and is it's a family atmosphere for all ages.”

Lighthouse Festival 2019
Burnett Heads State School teacher Keegan Fysh, principal Kirsten Clements and student Jordyn Clements at the Lighthouse Festival 2019.

Schools take part in 2019 Lighthouse Festival

Burnett Heads State School principal Kirsten Clements said the school was raising money for its P and C and the festival was well attended by the supportive community.

“We have our students, and many other students from a number of other schools, singing in the choir, and lion dancing,” Kirsten said.

“It’s been absolutely fabulous, we have been here all morning and it's really great to be able to promote our school here.

“It’s just been a lovely day and great because a lot of the activities are free for the kids, and by participating it’s really a great way to be part of the community.”

Kirsten said the seaside town had recently put on several successful events including the Lighthouse Music Festival and the PBR Bull Mania, and it was nice to see people turning out in droves with support for each one.

Lighthouse Festival 2019
Queensland Fire and Emergency Service firefighter Stephen Grosset and Lighthouse Festival 2019 chairperson Sherilee Ramm enjoy the festival.