Gin Gin New Year’s Eve shaping as a cracker

Gin Gin New Year's Eve
Part of the crowd of almost 1000 that attended the inaugural Sports and Community New Year’s Eve event at the Gin Gin Sports Ground.

Building on the success of last year’s Combined Sports and Community New Year’s Eve function in Gin Gin, plans are already well in place for this year’s event.

Developed as a necessary fundraising idea, the New Year’s Eve celebration was instrumental in drawing together the loose threads that unite the joint users of the Gin Gin Sports Ground.

According to one of the organisers, Muppi Dean, the event was created out of a financial emergency.

“The four users of the grounds, Gin Gin rugby league, soccer, touch and Little Athletics, are responsible for paying the annual rates which amount to around $2200 and well over $4000 in insurance and other running costs.

Gin Gin New Year's Eve
Volunteer Des Williamson discusses the state of the Gin Gin Sports Ground with New Year’s Eve event organiser Muppi Dean. The sports grounds users have again combined to present a gala New Year’s Eve event.

“We are trying to encourage people to play sports and raising money to meet the rates and other expenses sometimes comes at the cost of purchasing needed equipment,” said Muppi.

“It was decided that we needed a major event involving the four clubs to raise a good amount of money so these financial concerns did not constantly impact on the clubs.

“Last year’s inaugural Community and Sports New Year’s Eve event was extremely successful, and we are confident this year’s will be even better.”

Muppi said the four clubs had worked harmoniously on the event and it had been a catalyst for creating an incredible level of goodwill between the groups.

”Already many of the sponsors that came on board last year have backed up and we even have a few additional sponsors.

“Council has provided us with a Community Event Grant of $4400 which will assist in providing security for the event as well as contributing towards entertainment.

“The event is built around a fun program including fireworks, rides for the kids, food and beverage and a sports program that is really inclusive.

“We invite all local sporting groups and community organisations to enter teams in this event which boast a first-place prize of $500,” said Muppi.

“With the extended dry weather our groundsman, Doug Simonsen, is working hard to maintain the playing field.”

“Naturally with the footy field being the only green spot for miles it is attracting massive numbers of kangaroos. I think there were at least 70 there this morning.”

Muppi said the event has a shop locally focus and utilised as much in the way of local suppliers as was available. “Another initiative we are looking at this year is utilising more regular bus runs between town and the venue to assist with the parking which did pose its own challenges with the last event.

“The event runs from 5pm until 1am with fireworks scheduled for 9pm and midnight.”

Anyone who would like additional information on the Sports and Community New Year’s Eve event can contact Muppi Dean on 4157 2505.