Bundaberg featured on Greg’s Kitchen


GP Witts Traditional Fish and Chips, Baldwin Swamp and Bundaberg bin chickens have featured on popular YouTube channel Greg's Kitchen.

Greg Hadley visited Bundaberg in his quest to find Australia's best fish and chips and reckons he may have a frontrunner.

The “traditional” part of the GP Witts name was revealed as cooking the fish in lard.

Greg was mightily impressed while tucking in at Baldwin Swamp with ibis circling.

Greg's Kitchen is one of Australia's most popular cooking channels with 246,000 subscribers.

The video shows inside the GP Witts shop, including their pickled onions on the counter for 85 cents each.

After buying cod and chips, the video shows Greg at “the beautiful Baldwin Swamp” enjoying his feed.

“Super light, super crunchy, nicely seasoned, wow that's good,” Greg says after his first taste of fried lard.

“The fish is nice and white, looks really good, looks tasty, very nice indeed. Looks great, really nice flavours.

“The fish is really light but it's still juicy as well and not oily.

“That is so tasty, so juicy,” he adds after biting a big piece.

“Because they use lard it adds extra flavour. This could be right up there with the best I've had so far on my journey.”

Greg reckons GP Witts may have the seafood version of KFC with their secret herbs and spices.

“The chips are great, the batter's great, it doesn't need any sauce at all,” he said.

“It's just perfect on its own — one of the best fish and chips I've had so far.

“I'm still on the journey to find the best one. Is this the best one? It could be the best so far.”

Greg ends the video with a look at the geese, birds and ducks at Baldwin Swamp, “hoping for a feed of GP Witts fish and chips”.

Greg's channel has had more than 43 million views.

The Bundaberg video is already clocking dozens of comments after less than a day online.

“Lard, lard, lard … yes finally, chips cooked in lard is the only way, just like how it was back in the 70s and 80s,” Jeff said.

GP Witts Fish and Chips featured on Greg's Kitchen
Social media video blogger Greg Hadley featured GP Witts Fish and Chips in his latest episode.

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