Alby’s eccentric hair impresses zoo visitors

alby eccentric hair
Alby, the white-throated snapping turtle, is nearing celebrity status thanks to his luscious locks, that are actually a naturally occurring algal growth

Alby the bum-breathing turtle is already making fans at Alexandra Park Zoo with his eccentric hair style and laid-back attitude.

The white-throated snapping turtle arrived at Alexandra Park Zoo in August and is an endangered species native to the Burnett River catchment.

Bundaberg Regional Council zoo keeper team leader Zane Norris said his wild hair do was attracting plenty of attention.

“Everyone wonders what is going on with his hair and people actually ask us why we don’t give him a haircut,” Zane said.

“We just explain to them that its actually a natural occurrence from algal growth.”

Zane said the effect, with his electric green hair standing up on its end, was a popular feature.

“He’s got a rockstar/muppet look going on,” he laughed.

In addition to his crazy hair, Alby has also proven he enjoys regular exercise.

“He’s nice and active.

“Alby does laps of the pool at around midday.

“He also feeds at around the same time so midday is a good time to come down to the zoo and catch a glimpse of Alby.”

Alby also has specific tastes when it comes to lunch time, preferring some sweet snacks.

“He’s loving his paw paw.

“He has paw paw, blueberries and strawberries three times a week, but paw paw is certainly his favourite.”

Although with his eccentric hair he may look like a rockstar, Zane said Alby was a lot like most turtles.

“Personality wise he’s very relaxed.

“He’s calm, gentle and slow.

“He loves his log. If you can’t see him in the water look for him basking on the log.”

Alby comes to Alexandra Park Zoo from the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary.