Plant-based mince introduced at The Waves

Plant-based mince bologanise
Plant-based mince bologanise is on the menu at The Waves, served with red wine, fresh herbs and a traditional Italian sauce with parmesan.

Vegans and vegetarians delight! The Waves Sports Club has launched its delicious new plant-based minced spaghetti bolognaise.

The club says with the environment in mind, The Waves continues to strive for new and better ways to be sustainable, which is where the idea to be the first in Bundaberg to use this new plant-based mince came from.

One hundred per cent plant-based, vegan, and “environmentally responsible”, the texture and protein of the mince comes from wheat and soy; the umami flavour comes from tomato, almonds, and porcini mushrooms; the colour comes from beetroot; and the fat comes from coconut, all combined to create a mince that looks and tastes exactly like beef.

“To me it’s indistinguishable in flavour and texture from beef mince, and the chefs and staff who have tried it absolutely love it,” said The Waves’ head chef Christiaan Loch.

“We’re proud to be the first local business to introduce this mince to our menu and it’s suitable to not only vegans and vegetarians, but a fast-growing population who care more about the environment.”

The new plant-based mince will not replace beef mince menu items but will instead complement the menu as an additional option.