Keeping kids cool and safe this summer

Block swimming lessons

With the school holidays upon us, teaching children to swim confidently is top of mind for many Bundaberg Region residents.

Principal of DNA Aquatics, Donna Keech, believes that block swimming lessons are the best way to really teach children to swim confidently.

“It’s easy to become complacent or assume that the little bit of large grouped school swimming has your child ready to swim safely but it’s important that they have complete training” Donna said.

Learning water safety a priority

DNA Aquatics introduced School Holiday Block swimming lessons seven seasons ago and have found them to be the ideal way to teach children to swim confidently and learn water safety.

Baby swim lessons
Under 3s having fun and learning to swim (with their parents)

“What are we trying to achieve through swimming lessons for kids?” she said.

“We focus on parent education, encouraging safe attitudes and behaviours around water, developing water safety skills and developing quality swimming strokes.”

“It’s important to teach children about their capabilities and boundaries and how to identify and respond to an emergency situation.

“Importantly, block swimming lessons are a full week, from Monday to Friday, of intensive swim lessons. They are suitable for any level. The beginner will grow in confidence quickly. The skilled swimmer will develop and progress quickly.”

Daily repetition builds confidence

Donna believes it’s that daily repetition of learning that is most effective.

“We've found the most success in teaching children to swim confidently when they're fresh with energy in the mornings, at the same time each day, with the same swim teacher.”

More information on teaching children to swim confidently through the use of block lessons can be found here.

Meanwhile, swimming legend Laurie Lawrence is also on a mission to keep kids safe. 

If you'd like more hints and tips on keeping children safe in and around the pool you can find them here.  

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