Concept designs for Boreham Park upgrade revealed

Boreham Park upgrade
Adventure style play was the number one most asked for item from the Boreham Park upgrade community consultation, addressed in the designs through an adventure tower with a rope bridge and climbing elements.

Conceptual designs for the Boreham Park upgrade have been released after consultation revealed the community’s top priorities were adventure and water play.

The exciting concept designs reveal a vibrant new play space with neutral tones and modern features including a curved feature seat around an existing fig tree and a large picnic shelter.

A peddle loop path and in-ground trampolines are all featured in the concept proposal surrounding two new major play areas.

Bundaberg Regional Council parks and gardens portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said extensive community consultation had taken place.

“The feedback from residents revealed that adventure style play was the number one priority followed by water play and, in particular, nature-based water play,” Cr Honor said.

“This feedback has been represented through the two major features of the conceptual design which includes an adventure tower and a zero-depth waterplay area.

“The tower features a rope bridge, climbing elements and large slide that will appeal to older children.

“The water play area will provide fun for all ages with misting poles and rock-themed water play areas for exploration.”

Boreham Park upgrade
Residents identified nature-based water play as a priority for Boreham Park

A total of 310 people completed the Boreham Park upgrade survey with 70 per cent of respondents supporting Council’s suggestion to remove the monorail.

Divisional representative Cr John Learmonth said it was exciting to see the project progressing.

“We really appreciate the input from the community with so many people taking time out to help us prioritise the elements for inclusion in the Boreham Park upgrade,” Cr Learmonth said.

“We will now progress to detailed design to finalise the elements for inclusion in this project before going out to tender to complete the work.

“We hope to see the Boreham Park upgrade completed by November 2020.”


  1. Great ideas. There is a park at Hervey Bay with giant slides, etc. It is such a good idea, as kids over 15 and adults still need to let go and play, to lower stress, get fresh air etc. Just saying.

  2. Please don’t put the same ground coverings as what is in Alexander Park.
    That stuff gets in everyone’s sandals, and you cannot expect the kids and adults to wear runners in summer.

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