Denise has recipes featured in Ozcare calendar

recipe calendar
Denise Hodder is thrilled that 12 recipes she submitted were selected to feature in the Ozcare calendar for 2020

Bundaberg dementia advisor Denise Hodder has had 12 recipes featured in a Queensland calendar set to be delivered to more than 20,000 Ozcare clients.

Working at Ozcare Bundaberg for 12 years and a fierce advocate for fresh food for the ageing, the idea started when Denise was speaking with a dietician about patients that were losing their appetites.

“We were looking at ways we can increase their nutritional intake but still keeping their portions small,” Denise said.

“We tried out some recipes and made them all nutritious but also nice, for example our choc brownie with the beetroot in it.”

Denise submitted 20 recipe ideas to the annual Ozcare calendar and was blown away when all 12 months were filled with her submissions.

“I was just overwhelmed.

“I thought how lovely is this to be able to be part of something.”

Denise led a small group to create and adapt recipes for the calendar, including two Ozcare dieticians.

Some of the recipes that were Denise’s “creations” include savoury cheese breakfast muffins, a frittata and a choc banana smoothie.

She said clients suffering from dementia often preferred to eat meals in “bite size” or as a drink.

recipe calendar
Ozcare Bundaberg's Denise Hodder created this simple choc banana smoothie which was chosen to be featured in the statewide recipe calendar.

Recipe calendar provides health benefits

Denise said healthy eating had many health benefits, especially for the ageing.

“Studies are showing that changing the way we eat can delay ageing in our brain and reduce the risk of dementia.

“Our recipe calendar is something our clients look forward to receiving every year so this year we were determined to do something to improve the lives of people living with dementia by featuring recipes that are low in sugar and high in protein.

“The recipes also focus on good sources of protein which are important to maintaining muscle health and strength as people age.

“Muscle loss can affect gait and balance which leads to falls for many seniors.”

Ozcare’s Head of Aged Care Lanna Ramsay said understanding how to slow down the progress of dementia through diet was a serious consideration for aged care providers as prevention was currently the only cure for the illness.

recipe calendar
Ozcare Bundaberg's Denise Hodder created savoury cheese muffins as a breakfast option which was chosen to be featured in the state wide recipe calendar