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Spicy tomato relish bursts with flavour

Tomatoes grown in the Bundaberg Region burst with flavour and taste amazing in spicy tomato relish using this recipe from RedRidge Produce.

Abundance of scallops for Tasty Street Food's tacos

Tasty Street Food's Darren Wilmott says there's an abundance of Bundaberg scallops right now and he shares one of his signature recipes.

Japanese savory pancakes using local ingredients

Bundaberg Lunchbox owners Paul and Bronwyn Durston's easy, go-to dish is okonomiyaki, Japanese savory pancakes.

Watermelon sorbet bursting with flavour

RECIPE: With watermelon season in full swing across the Bundaberg Region, try this watermelon sorbet that's bursting with flavour.

Blueberry muffins glazed with lemon icing

Blueberries are grown in the Bundaberg Region and make the perfect ingredient in these sweet muffins glazed with lemon icing.

Easy pickled beetroot recipe

As the local beetroot season comes to an end it’s the perfect time to preserve them in this pickled beetroot recipe by Beemart Enterprises.

Recipe: Silverbeet omelette with capsicum salad

Capsicums grown in the Bundaberg Region are at one of the highest production points of the year and taste great in this silverbeet omelette

Time for a mango mule as summer approaches

There’s more than one way to enjoy the exquisite tropical flavours of mangoes and here's a simple and fresh mango mule recipe.

Banana bread with crunchy macadamia twist

As the Bundaberg Region is the premier producer of Australia’s beloved nut, be sure to try banana bread with a crunchy twist using macadamias.

Trevor Green's delicious French toast

To celebrate the return of live music to the Moncrieff stage, resident master chef Trevor Green reveals the key to making the perfect French toast.

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