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Buck serves up Christmas meat advice

Bucks Butcher, Buck Gooden hands over his popular lamb chops to Mayor Jack Dempsey.
Buck Gooden hands over his popular lamb chops to Mayor Jack Dempsey.

With Christmas fast approaching, the team at Bucks Butcher Shoppe in Childers are dishing out advice for cooking up a storm in the kitchen this festive season.

Owner Buck Gooden said a good piece of meat was a table tradition for families during Christmas, with ham and rolled pork the favourites at his shop.

“I have done my orders up and we are expecting to sell between 150 to 200 whole hams just before Christmas and about 120kg of rolled pork,” he said.

“We also sell lots of smoked goods, especially our smoked chicken which is perfect tossed through a caesar salad for Christmas lunch.”

Buck said his customers often liked to glaze their ham for the festivities, making a tasty treat for the whole family.

“Most glaze the ham at 130 degrees with some marmalade or apricot jam rubbed all over,” he said.

“With the rolled pork, it's a popular choice for people because it is easy to carve and has crackling around the whole pork.”

While hundreds of families are set to enjoy Buck's delicious ham or rolled pork next week, the butcher said he would be eating something else on Christmas Day.

“I usually have a bit of turkey because I like it and you only really get to eat it once a year,” he laughed.

“Plus, after preparing so much ham and pork in the lead-up to Christmas I definitely feel like something different.”

Mayor Dempsey urges residents to buy local

Supporting the buy-local message, Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey called in at Childers today to pick up some chops for dinner.

“Buck and his team have a well-deserved reputation for quality meats and I congratulate them on providing such a great standard of customer service to the community,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“I would also like to remind residents to buy local wherever possible this Christmas to support our many fantastic businesses and farmers throughout the festive season.”