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RV Daily Foodie Trails feature local cuisine

RV Daily foodie trails Bundaberg
One RV Daily chef gets busy in the Ezytrail kitchen as he prepares seafood brought fresh from Bundaberg. The television crew camped at the Bucca Hotel and said they had the best of both worlds, caravans and Queensland bush pub atmosphere!

The Bundaberg Region will be televised to the nation on Sunday, 22 December as RV Daily Foodie Trails showcases some of our fresh, unique and delicious food.

The Channel 10 television show started in 2016 with chefs and their crew tantalising tastebuds while camping their way around the country on unique food trails.

From the gateway to the Southern Barrier Reef, Episode 4 of Foodie Trails was filmed as the team travelled to the Bundaberg Region in search of some delicious food experiences.

Mollydookers Cafe and Bar on the Bruce Highway at Apple Tree Creek and Bucca Hotel were two of the local businesses lucky enough to showcase their food and atmosphere to the nation in the television show.

Mollydookers’ owners Alana and Mike Vandenbrink were happy to open their doors to the RV Daily Foodie Trails crew and believe their food made an impression.

“When they rang, we were super excited, and they did a little phone interview and asked about the food we had here,” Alana said.

“I explained about our poutine, which is made with real curd, so it has the squeakiness of haloumi and doesn’t melt with heat like other cheese.

“Poutine is like amped up chips, cheese and gravy.”

Alana said it wasn’t just the poutine that impressed the RV Daily Foodie Trails crew and Mollydookers wings and xango were also showstoppers!

“We use a variety of spices that we import from India on our wings, and served them four baskets, but I think the xango (deep fried cheesecake) may have been the biggest surprise for them.

RV Daily Foodie Trails
Mollydookers Cafe and Bar owners Alana and Mike Vandenbrink are excited to be featured on RV Daily Foodie Trails.

“They ordered three of our best items so they couldn’t really go wrong.”

Mollydookers Cafe and Bar has been operating in the Bundaberg Region for three-and-a-half years, and Alana said the Canadian style food had been an immediate hit with locals.

Alana said a number of other local foodie hotspots and local produce and seafood were also included in the filming and she couldn't wait to see the episode.

RV Daily Foodie Trails camp at Bucca Hotel

Setting up camp at Bucca Hotel while they took in the flavours of the Bundaberg Region, the RV Daily Foodie Trails team were also lucky enough to enjoy a pub atmosphere and the famous Bucca Black Worcestershire Sauce that is made on site.

Bucca Hotel employee Mike Harris said it was fantastic to have the television crew camp out and relax for about four days in October.

Mike believed the team had heard about the Bucca Black Worcestershire sauce and that was one of the drawcards, and the other was the accessibility to all of the region while they enjoyed the country pub atmosphere.

“I haven’t seen the episode yet and we will have to broadcast here at Bucca Hotel when it is on,” Mike said.

Bucca Hotel Bucca Black Worcestershire sauce
Earlier this year Bucca Hotel owner Ron Kadel shared details of how he mastered making Worcestershire sauce from a secret recipe and is trying to keep up with demand for the popular Bucca Black condiment.

“I think it is really fantastic they are promoting the whole of Bundaberg, I think they visited quite a few other food and drink places.

“It’s not only a focus on our food and drink but our agriculture too!

“Any promotion to boost the area is a good thing and we enjoyed having them here.”

RV Daily Episode 4 will be shown on Channel 10 at 3pm on Sunday, 22 December.