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Cookies gifted to Council garbo for festive season

christmas cookies
The Christmas gift cookies, by Caneland Cookies, gifted to Bundaberg Regional Council garbage truck driver Wayne Hobden.

A Bundaberg Regional Council garbage truck driver has been given the sweetest of Christmas gifts by a three-year-old fan just before the festive season.

Wayne Hobden was on his usual route in Svensson Heights when he was greeted by Hudson Schiffke, who often waited every week at his letterbox to say hello to his favourite garbage truck drivers.

“This time he had a gift for me which included cookies in the shape of a garbage truck,” Wayne said.

“This little boy gets very excited when he sees our truck and I was blown away by the gift I received.”

garbage truck
Wayne Hobden with a very shy Hudson and dad Ashley Schiffke.

Hudson's mum Krystie-Lee Maddern said her three-year-old's love for garbage trucks started in May.

“He just loves sitting out the front on the steps of our house (where I can see him the whole time) as soon as he hears the truck his excitement grows as he waits for him to get closer to our house,” she said.

“Then when the truck is two houses away he asks me to come outside so he can then wait at the mailbox to watch him and wave.

“He became obsessed with going outside to wave and would say, ‘I wave to him because it makes him happy'.”

Krystie-Lee said there were two garbage truck drivers that frequented their street, both who were more than happy to give out a big wave to Hudson.

It was the kindness received from the drivers that made the family want to give them something special for the festive season.

“We did a gift bag with chocolates, beer and cookies and Wayne was so amazed at our present that today when he turned up, he got out of his truck with a beautifully wrapped present,” Krystie-Lee said.

garbage truck
The Christmas card Wayne the garbage truck man gave to Hudson after receiving his gift.

“Hudson had a smile from ear to ear opening his very own rubbish truck toy.

“He even got to have a tour of the truck.”

Garbage truck driver thanks the kids

Wayne said the kind gesture of Hudson's gift, and the other children he met on his route, made working the festive season all the more worthwhile.

“The kids are definitely one of the best parts of the job,” he said.

“They are often waiting outside for us, smiling and waving.

“It's just so nice that people think of all of us garbo's, especially at this time of year.”

Gift crafted by Caneland Cookies

Krystie-Lee said she asked Lindsey Mortensen from Caneland Cookies to create the special gift for Wayne the garbage truck man.

“I wanted something unique that said ‘we appreciate you for your job'!” she said.

“I didn't in my wildest dreams think that Lindsey would create such an amazing gift, she went up and beyond for us!”

Lindsey said the request for the garbage truck cookies was what the meaning of Christmas was all about.

“When I opened pre-order for teachers packs, I didn’t expect to get a message from a lovely customer asking if I could do something to thank her garbo,” she said.

“She went on to tell me how excited her son is to see him and the truck and how the garbo always takes the time to wave and how it makes her son’s day.

“Our garbos are hard workers, working public holidays, early mornings and late afternoons. So it was lovely to hear that someone wanted to thank them for their hard work.

“This kind of thing is exactly what Christmas should be about. Showing gratitude and being kind, and getting all the warm heart fuzzy feels.”



  1. That’s a lovely story …. my cookies looked like a couple of tinnies of Carlton mid …almost perfect copies in fact. Hope my garbo didn’t go on autopilot and dump them with the trash.
    My postie gets a treat as well.

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