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Woodgate Wildlife Rescue group supported

Woodgate and Surrounds Wildlife Rescue
Woodgate and Surrounds Wildlife Rescue members Graham Branthwaite, treasurer Maree Branthwaite, Bec Morath, president Tammy Florager and vice-president Tracey McCabbin were given an ICU incubator from Wildlife Collective.

Woodgate and Surrounds Wildlife Rescue has received a welcome gift after damaging fires to help raise injured and orphaned wildlife.

On Friday a volunteer from The Rescue Collective drove more than 500km to deliver a life-saving ICU incubator to the local group.

Woodgate and Surrounds Wildlife Rescue president Tammy Florager said the much-needed gift was appreciated and would help keep more injured wildlife alive.

“It was a real lift for the group. Since the fires we haven’t had too many survivors, some of the animals were too compromised with injuries and burns,” Tammy said.

“A lot of the animals had significant burns and we were doing a lot of euthanising.

“This gift is a welcome relief for us all.”

Tammy said the incubator will help provide a consistent temperature for “pinkies” which are baby wallabies, kangaroos and possums that do not yet have fur.

“We had a volunteer from Rescue Collective deliver the incubator all the way from Byron,” she said.

“Rescue Collective are a Brisbane-based group of people who come together to purchase stock, food and items to help wildlife carers and then they deliver it.

“We are newly formed and didn’t have much money, so they really have helped us so much.

“It will definitely help with the success of raising the pinkies.”

Woodgate Wildlife Rescue incubator
Woodgate and Surrounds Wildlife Rescue was given this ICU incubator worth $2300 by The Rescue Collective.

Woodgate Wildlife Rescue helps fire victims

Tammy said Rescue Collective had also donated syringes, baby bottles and even wraps to comfort the animals.

“We had a surplus of the bat wraps and paid it forward by passing them on,” she said.

Tammy said there was now about 15 people involved with the Woodgate Wildlife Rescue group and they had just registered as a charity.

“We are surrounded by national park out here at Woodgate and when the first fires took place, we found there was a need to have a rescue group to help all the injured wildlife,” Tammy said.

“We have had an overwhelming amount of support from the local community.”

She said after the devastating fires it was nice to see the wildlife slowly start to return to the areas such as Kinkuna.

“Anyone wishing to help wildlife at this time can do so by simple putting out a shallow dish or bucket of water,” Tammy said.

“They can put it in their gardens for the kangaroos, birds and even lizards.

“We find if they also put in a stick in case a smaller animal falls in it helps, they get out.”

Anyone who finds injured or orphaned wildlife can phone the Woodgate Wildlife rescue line on 0459 241 318.

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