CouncilThe Twenties on display for 100th anniversary

The Twenties on display for 100th anniversary

Twenties Art and Design Exhibition
Some of the items on display at the Twenties Art and Design Exhibition at Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Hinkler Hall of Aviation is a fitting venue for the Twenties Art and Design Exhibition.

After all, the 1920s was such a pivotal time for aviation and Bundaberg’s own Bert Hinkler was a pioneer in his field.

The 1920s was also a pivotal time for art, architecture and design, as the western world entered a new era of modernity, casting off tradition and applying new found freedoms.

Radical changes were adopted in how people dressed, the music they listened to, what their homes looked like and even their mode of transport.

Exhibition inspired by 1920s

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of this design phenomenon, Hinkler Hall of Aviation will host this exhibition that brings together contemporary artists and designers from the Wide Bay, who continue to be inspired by the 1920s.

The Twenties features handcrafted jewellery, ceramics, drawings, couture garments, collage, glass ware, photography and much more.

It’s a unique glimpse into the world of 100 years ago, but with very modern twists, as leading artists and designers pay homage to The Twenties.

This exhibition charts the continuing influence of Art Deco, Dadaism and other key historical movements.

Twenties Art and Design Exhition
Curator Trudie Leigo with Linda Ford's twenties-inspired millinery creations.

Curator Trudie Leigo is a leading independent curator based in Bundaberg who has worked in the galleries and museums industry for more than 17 years.

Trudie said the 1920s has always appealed to her.

“Aesthetically it was such a modern and stylish era for design when art was totally turned on its head by avant-garde artists in Europe.

“I wanted to challenge artists and designers in the Wide Bay to respond to this decade and showcase the incredible talent we have in the region.

“I also wanted to demonstrate that the past continues to influence all of us – that history is never really dead.”

The Twenties Art and Design Exhibition is on now at Hinkler Hall of Aviation and goes until Sunday 5 April, daily from 9am til 3pm, with free admission.

Christie McLucas and Jessica Savage at Hinkler Hall of Aviation Twenties Night.

12 artists and designers' work on display

The talented artists whose work is on display at the Exhibition are potter Necia Rosevear, jeweller Emily Meredith, collage artist Marlies Oakley, landscape painter Adrienne Williams,  ceramic artist Trevor Spohr, sculptor Elizabeth Hersey, artist and fashion designer Julie Appo, milliner Linda Ford, glass artist Jan de Mattia and photographer and artist Sabrina Lauriston.

Motorbike enthusiast Sean ‘Fish’ Fisher will be displaying a bike inspired by the 1920s, while local architect Thomas O’Malley will be pointing out Bundaberg’s rich heritage of art deco buildings.

Milliner Linda Ford, who showcases five headpieces in the exhibition, said it was a time when freedom with fashion came into play.

“Gone were the Victorian constraints and all things fun and frivolous with a stylish and elegant edge emerged,” she said.   

“The cloche hat was a very popular choice of headwear and remains so today – especially for winter wear and beaded skull caps and bandeaus with plenty of razzle dazzle became the go-to for evening headwear.

“I like to push the boundaries with designs and the way I interpret them, putting a modern day twist on my designs.”

Another fun part of the Exhibition will be The Twenties – Avant-Garde Art Day.

It’s on Saturday, 15 February from 9am to 12 noon at Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

There’ll be free admission and fun for all the family.

Curator Trudie Leigo said it will be a special day.

“Artists and poets will be on hand to guide everyone through sessions in collage, nonsensical poetry, silent film and other activities,” she said.

“No need to book, just drop in for some art fun inspired by the experimental and radical 1920s era.”

More details on the whole exhibition can be found here.

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