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Seven puppies born at Council pound

seven puppies
Seven bull arab cross puppies were born at Council pound and are now in foster care thanks to the team work of two organisations.

Seven fresh pups have been taken into foster care after they were born at the Bundaberg Pound last week.

A heavily pregnant bull arab cross came into Council's possession on Tuesday and staff were quick to confirm the mother-to-be was about to have more than just one or two pups.

“Seven beautiful puppies were born two days later,” Council's pound officer Karina Taylor said.

It’s a first for Karina, who said in her 18 months with Council, there hadn’t been any births at the pound.

She said the puppies were born overnight with no issues, which was considered lucky due to the mother dog being over 10 years old.

“At this late age, the mother dog should not have been having puppies, so that was one of the frustrating things about it,” Karina said.

“We knew they were going to be coming soon as she had her milk in the day before she gave birth which showed she was not far off and she had also been off her food.

“Once the pups were born and we realised they were all okay, we could breathe a sigh of relief.”

Karina said both the mother and seven babies were transported to animal shelter Red Collar Rescue.

The organisation has a great relationship with Council’s animal control officers and assists with rehoming dogs that end up at the pound.

Owner of the not-for-profit organisation Sharyn Banks said once the newborn pups were in her possession, it wasn’t long before a foster home was organised in Brisbane for the dog family to be taken to.

“Due to a shortage of suitable carers in our region, mum and babies were transferred to a group in Brisbane who had a carer available to nurture mum and give her a safe space to raise her babies,” she said.

“Mum and all of the puppies will be desexed, vaccinated , chipped and wormed before being made available for adoption.

“She has been incredibly gentle throughout the entire ordeal. Considering she had to allow us to take the pups away from her and keep them separate for transport, she has been nothing but tolerant.”

Sharyn said it was moments like this that highlighted the importance of desexing and proper animal care.

“This girl was approximately 10 years old. She is in her twilight years, yet her body suggests that she has had multiple litters,” she said.

“Allowing that dogs can whelp twice a year, it's not inconceivable to think that she may have had up to 18 litters over the course of her life. 

“Based on a dog her size, she might have whelped between 150 to 180 puppies in her lifetime.”

Sharyn said thankfully, through the great relationship of Council and Red Collar Rescue, the dog and her litter were now in good hands.

She said for those wanting to add a new pet to the family, think twice before taking the plunge.

“Don't have a dog if you can't love it. Don't have a dog if you can't afford to desex it,” Sharyn said.

“It's a once in a lifetime expense, your pet deserves that care at least.”

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