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Family support pivotal to youth health and wellbeing

Headspace Bundaberg
The Headspace Bundaberg team, who are holding regular sessions to help the youth in our community, as well as their family and friends.

Headspace Bundaberg is holding regular sessions to help family and friends build a better understanding of what is arising for young people.

While Headspace Bundaberg’s key focus is 12 to 25 year olds, centre manager Dean Hyland believes that parents need to be supported and given tools to cope with today’s complex environment.

 “Being a parent can be tough,” Dean said.

“While we navigate raising sensitive issues and working to resolve problems that arise along the way, it can be challenging.

“It can also be hard to know the difference between normal behaviour, such as moodiness, irritability and withdrawal, and an emerging mental health problem.”

Dean believes these Headspace Bundaberg sessions will help all members of the family.

“Headspace likes to make sure everyone in the family feels supported.

“We hope these sessions give people who attend a way to better support their young people.”

Community understanding sessions

Headspace Bundaberg's Understanding Sessions are held on Wednesdays from 5pm, with everyone welcome to attend. Upcoming sessions include:

Headspace Bundaberg
Headspace Bundaberg Centre Manager Dean Hyland
  • 26 Feb – Understanding Anxiety – more details on Facebook
  • 29 April – Understanding Bullying
  • 24 June – Understanding ASD & Mental Health
  • 26 Aug – Understanding Gaming & Social Media
  • 28 Oct – Understanding Respectful Relationships

Family and Friends chats

Family & Friends chats are open for anyone, as a family member, friend, or support person, to go along and have a conversation about relevant topics.

“We appreciate everyone's input to help make Headspace the right service fit for the Bundaberg community,” Dean said.

They are held on alternate months on Wednesdays at Headspace from 4pm, with the next one on 26 February.

“These sessions are designed to help family & friends gain valuable insight, resources and community support,” Dean said.

To speak to someone at Headspace Bundaberg or to RSVP call 4152 3931.