Two karting champions hit the bitumen in Noisy Tour

Karting Noisy Tour Bundaberg
Caylen Burke, Zac Bell and Cadet 9 class title holder Ky Burke were excited to compete in the Noisy Tour in Bundaberg.

The Noisy Tour not only brought 110 competitors to Dromeside Raceway, it also attracted two Bundaberg-raised national karting champions.

Ky Burke (Cadet 9), and Troy Loeskow, (KZ2) are both national title holders and the duo hit their home track for an exhibition of speed and precision driving in the Noisy Tour.

Individually, both drivers are different, but their similar passion for the sport came from the same source, their fathers.

Ky, 9, said he started racing only three years ago and he was inspired to hit the track after watching his father, Scott Burke, compete years earlier.

“I love it because my dad used to race when I was young,” Ky said.

“I’m Cadet 9 Australian champion, and I love racing here.”

This weekend Ky and his brother Caylen were supposed to attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne as Grid Kids, where they had the unique opportunity to be among the world’s best drivers and fastest cars.

However, because the Australian F1 was cancelled in the wake of the coronavirus, his family made the decision to stay in Bundaberg so that Ky could compete in the Noisy Tour.

Reaching speeds of up to 87km/h around his home track in his Energy Corse kart, Ky said it came naturally to him and he enjoyed racing both locally and at a national level in the Australia Kart Championships (AKC).

Rival kart racer Zac Bell, from Gladstone, has been racing for four years and he went up against Ky during the Noisy Tour, but said he had no chance of catching him once they hit the bitumen.

“Ky and his brother Caylen are both amazing people, Ky is very challenging on the track,” Zac said.

“We raced earlier, and we always get to have some fun.

“We find the sport is fun, energetic and enjoyable and that’s what is most important.”

Ky’s mum Britta Burke said the Noisy Tour event had 110 entrants and it was a spectacular number for the Bundaberg club.

“Usually we get about 30 entrants (at a club meeting), so to have 110 this weekend is just a great turnout,” Britta said.

“Kev Davies’ Noisy Tour has really brought a lot of numbers, even as many as you would see at a State title, to this event.

“There are quite a few people from outside of Bundaberg attending, from Coffs Harbour to Townsville.”

Britta said Kev brought an electric atmosphere with him on the Noisy Tour and she said both Ky and Caylen didn’t mind missing the F1 this time because there was such an amazing event in their hometown to attend instead.

“When they are at the track they don’t care, as long as they are racing, they have no care in the world,” she said.

Australia Karting Champion returns to home soil

Troy Loeskow’s focus is on the premier karting class in Australia, and the weekend’s race meeting gave the 24 year old a chance to get back to where it all began.

Karting Noisy Tour Bundaberg
Australian Karting KZ2 champion Troy Loeskow said he and his dad Alan Loeskow make a pretty good team, and Troy said it was nice to be back in Bundaberg for the tour.

“It’s really awesome for Bundaberg to have two of the Australian champions, it’s rare and usually you would see that in a place like Melbourne,” Troy said.

“But for Bundaberg to have two, it shows you the talent we have here and the great facilities.”

Troy has more than 15 years of kart racing under his belt, and said he started out in the Cadet 9 Class just like Ky is doing now.

He said the reason he started karting was because it was a father and son activity and together with his dad, Alan Loeskow, they were able to spend a lot of quality time together in a sport they both loved.

“Originally my brother was racing, and then dad was the mechanic for me and my brother,” Troy said.

“I moved through all the ranks while I grew up here in Bundy.

“I started off when I was nine, and really it is rare you get a father-son relationship in an activity like this, even when you are 24 like myself, all the way through.”

Troy said the upgrades last year to the Dromeside Raceway track enabled Bundaberg Karting to host events like the Noisy Tour.

“We have Kev Davies on the mic and he does an awesome job, he is an absolute ‘noise' and he does an awesome job of bringing people to events and livens it up,” he said.

“He knows how to make a not so exciting race really exciting.

“So, Kev and the resurface has really made the Noisy Tour.

“Last year I wouldn’t have been able to race my KZ2 kart here, the kart I race in Australian series, because of the horsepower and the softer compact tyres would have been torn up.”

Before sitting in his kart to compete in the Open Performance, Heat 3 race, Troy vowed not to take it easy on the other competitors.

“In racing you can’t take it easy,” he said.

“You set the benchmark and although everyone is here to have fun, they are also here with that passion inside them that they want to win!”

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