Focus on well-being and health at wellness expo

Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo
Bundaberg Organic and Quality Food owner Cathy Critchlow and her her two children Austin and Olive enjoyed speaking with locals about healthy alternatives at the Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo.

The Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo, with more than 40 stall holders, gave community members a chance to explore their well-being.

The expo, held at the Shalom Sports Stadium alongside the regular Shalom markets, exposed people to a number of health and lifestyle activities including yoga, Tai chi and meditation.

Bundaberg Organic and Quality Food owner Cathy Critchlow has been operating in the Bundaberg Region since 2012 and she provides a mobile home service with a full range of organic and certified products, from home cleaning products to food.

Cathy attended the expo with her two children Austin and Olive, and she said although attendance was down from last year’s expo it was still important for community members to remember to take care of themselves.

She said the Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo gave people the chance to learn about ways to boost their immunity and help balance their lifestyles in the busy world we live.

“I guess reducing chemical exposure and the intake of toxins, in and around the home and your body is important to us,” Cathy said.

She said with public health concerns at the moment it was important to have self-awareness.

“We made a conscious decision to come along today and it is really a good opportunity to think more about self-awareness and wellness.”

Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo a chance to think about maintaining health

Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo organiser, and Zen on Elliott owner, Kellie Dexter said the event provided a great opportunity for not only like-minded stall holders to share information with each other, but for community members to find out alternative ways to keep themselves healthy.

“It’s a great way for us to share information about supporting our immunity,” Kellie said.

“To help maintain your health, it’s important to continue to eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies, get out into nature with sunlight and fresh air, and also drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.”

Kellie said the expo was quieter than previous years, and she had found a lot of people were hesitant to attend because of the public health concerns around the novel coronavirus.

“The decision to go ahead with the Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo was a hard choice to make,” Kellie said.

Supporting local businesses important

She said a lot of small businesses had stalls at the expo and she said it was important to support small local businesses when possible.

“We all have to take precautions, and we have encouraged people to clean their hands at the entrance as they come in and wash their hands regularly,” she said.

“And for anyone who didn’t get the chance to come along today there are links to all of the businesses on our Facebook page and they can reach out to them that way.”

Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo
Arorah Marshall from Love and Sound showed people how to benefit from sound at Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo.

Arorah Marshall from Love and Sound also held a stall at the Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo and she said she had been quite busy throughout the morning showing people how they could benefit from sound therapy.

Arorah said Love and Sound was a space for individuals to immerse themselves in sound, in love, in connection and community.

“Sound therapy has been around for hundreds of years,” she said.

“It’s about playing sounds at different frequencies, and when we play them together it becomes a perfect fifth, and perfect fifth is universal love, universal law, so it’s also like getting a really big hug.”

Arorah said the expo was the perfect opportunity to bring businesses and the community together to network and share ideas about holistic health.

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