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Gainsite’s Helen Robinson Plumbing Ambassador

Gainsite Plumbing's Helen Robinson has been named an ambassador for the plumbing industry

Helen Robinson from Bundaberg’s Gainsite Plumbing and Gas was named an Ambassador for the Plumbing Industry at a World Plumbing Day event in Brisbane last week.

World Plumbing Day seeks to highlight the vital role that plumbers play in maintaining and protecting the health and safety of the community.

Helen said it was an honour to be named as a 2020 Plumbing Ambassador.

 “I am passionate about the trade industry and feel that schools have for some time have been directing kids to go to University as the main career choice,” Helen said.

“However, this career path does not suit everyone.

“Employers need to be encouraged and supported to employ apprentices and Schools should encourage students to actively seek work experience in trades whilst they are still at school covered by the school insurances.”

Regional area representation

Helen said it was important that regional areas were represented.

“I think anytime the regional areas have representation in industry it helps to highlight issues that we have with training outside of the capital cities.”

One of Helen’s main duties as Ambassador will be to promote plumbing as a career.

“As I am the only one in the regional area, Master Plumbers Association is looking to have me attend trade days or speak at high schools to educate students on the advantages of a career in the plumbing industry.

“I would love to see high schools promote all trades at the grade 10 level when students are looking at choosing career paths.

“It is difficult to look at career path after grade 10 when you have chosen subjects that you feel would aid you in your employment choices.”

Importance of women in the industry

Helen also thinks that it’s important that women are represented.

“A lot of females are also now more accepted into trades.

“If you have not come from a trade-based family or had exposure to trades, it is very hard look at this as a career path.”

Helen’s passion for the plumbing industry is evident as she talks about her Ambassador role.

“The plumbing industry is an extremely diverse industry.

“Clean water and sanitation helps protect the public’s health and aids in the prevention of the spread of disease, this has been especially highlighted with the recent spread of Corona virus.

“Plumbing is not just clearing a blocked toilet or fixing a leaking tap.

“The plumbing trade covers roofing; drainage; water plumbing; gasfitting; medical gas; trade waste; household sewerage treatment plants; grease traps; thermostatic mixing valves; hot water systems as well as much more.”

To find out more or invite Gainsite's Helen Robinson to speak at your school or organisation you can contact her at Gainsite Plumbing and Gas.

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