BusinessLocal prawn fishos highlighted in short film

Local prawn fishos highlighted in short film

Video: Australian Wild Prawns

A short film highlighting the life of Queensland's hard-working prawn fishermen has featured Grunske's By The River owners and their passion for local seafood.

Focusing on areas including Bundaberg and Hervey Bay to Townsville and the Gold Coast, the video titled “They Go To Sea” was posted recently by Australian Wild Prawns.

Grunske's By The River has been included in the short film with owner/skipper Paul Grunske stating the hard-working fishermen and women he deals with every day was a big part of the success of his business.

“These guys live on the ocean- they live and breathe the ocean, they are there all of the time,” he said.

“We value our fishermen enormously. Without our fisherman we don't have anything.”

Grunske's By The River
Paul Grunske, owner/skipper Grunske's By The River.

With a passion for delivering high quality local seafood to their customers, Paul and Beryl Grunske are proud supporters of the local fishing industry through their business.

The couple have a deeply ingrained commercial fishing history of more than 40 years, having owned and operated prawn trawlers and fishing vessels for all of their fishing lives.

During the video, Paul speaks about the success of Grunske's, the passion he has for local seafood and the way the local fishermen have helped shape his business.

“What we have done with our little business here is a great thing for the town,” Paul said.

“We showcase our local seafood.”

Paul said without local fishos producing delicious, fresh seafood every day, he would not be able to achieve his passion.

“Without local fishermen we don't have a business,” he said.

“It is all about being exactly who we are and trying to bring the best possible seafood we can to our dining customers.”

Grunske's By The River is located at 11E Petersen Street, Bundaberg East.

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Grunske's By The River
Grunske's By The River.