Popular board games to keep boredom at bay

Toyworld Bundaberg popular board games
Toyworld Bundaberg owner Violet Ramsay says there are a variety of games to keep the community entertained during the Easter School holidays, and self isolation, and she has provided a list of their top 10 most popular board games.

Toyworld Bundaberg owners Shane and Violet Ramsay know a thing or two about keeping boredom at bay with popular board games, thanks to more than four decades of experience between them.

How to play the popular game Slapzi.

From old-school-family-favourite board games such as Monopoly, that was made in 1935, through to more recent games including Genius Square, Slapzi or Sequence, Toyworld Bundaberg has something to set every mind a challenge.

Shane has worked in the Toyworld Bundaberg store for a quarter of a century, while his wife Violet has been in the business for 20 years.

They bought the local store two years ago and Violet said as hobbies were constantly changing there was always something new and exciting to look forward to.

Boredom buster for prolonged periods at home

Having school-aged children themselves, Shane and Violet know how important it is to keep the boredom busters handy during not only the school holidays but during prolonged periods at home together.

 “We’ve seen an increase in sales already in the past two weeks,” Violet said.

“From Lego to board games, everything is selling quickly at the moment.

“It’s not just traditional board games or card games though, we’ve seen an increase in purchases all over with people stocking up for lockdown, and at the moment we have a great special on.”

Violet said the number one selling game at the moment was the card game Phase 10, which was a game of chance that would suit players aged eight and over.

The game is named after ten phases, or melds, that a player must advance through in order to win.

Popular board games to keep you thinking outside the box

How to play Violet's personal favourite board game Sequence.

Violet said the most popular family, or children’s, game on the market now was the fast-paced picture card game Slapzi.

She said Slapzi was all about speed, where opponents each receive five picture cards to start before one-by-one the clue cards were revealed; the first and fastest player to slap down all five cards to match the clues wins.

Violet’s personal favourite was Sequence, a board and card game combination, that involves a lot of skill and strategy to end up the victorious winner.

She plays Sequence daily at both home and work, as she believes product knowledge is important to make sure she can help Toyworld Bundaberg customers find what they are looking for, whether it was a popular board game or an old-time favourite.

“We have new stock of board games and other holiday favourites – including Easter Beanie Boos, and craft items coming in all the time,” she said.

Top 10 board games according to Toyworld Bundaberg

  • Sequence
  • Slapzi
  • Genius Square
  • Cobra Paw
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Bop it
  • Electronic Battleship
  • Phase 10
  • Skipbo
  • Don't Spill the Beans
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