Virtual hugs for front-line workers

Reese Dart is calling on the community to give a heartfelt message of thanks to our front-line workers

St Luke’s Anglican school student Reese Dart has sent a heartfelt message of thanks to our hard working local Doctors, Nurses, support
staff and partners with virtual hugs and kisses – calling on locals to do the same.

“I know COVID-19 is quite scary for everyone and I just wanted to add my thanks to all those that are looking out for us,” Reese said.

“Across the world many people are sick and dying, with over 1 million people infected, so I am very grateful for the efforts of our local emergency services who have put in so much preparation in an effort to keep us safe.”

Reese's video is a big thank you to the nurses, doctors, hospital staff and others dealing with this crisis and for all the long hours they
are putting in looking after us; and she invited the community to post their own messages of support on her post at the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Facebook page.

Reese said she also acknowledged others in the community.

“Thank you to all the police officers who have kept us safe.

“Thank you to the volunteers who have stepped into helping with the crisis.

“Thank you to the staff at supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, shops and truck drivers for keeping us supplied with food.

“Thank you to all the frontline workers who are helping us keep safe.”

A part for us all to play

Reese also said there’s a part for us to play.

“Let’s all do our part to help them by maintaining social distancing and only going out when needed.

“Remember to be kind and look out for one another and #StayAtHome.

“It might be tough staying at home and missing your family and school friends, but we have to keep everyone safe.”

Reese asks everyone to send virtual hugs and kisses to our frontline health and emergency support workers and their partners for saving lives.

To express your appreciation and salute our care workers as they battle difficult conditions on the frontline to halt the COVID-19 spread,
leave your heartfelt message of thanks, support, appreciation and virtual hugs – go to Wide Bay Hospital and Health Facebook page, where you can also keep up to date with the latest cases and information locally.

Reese Dart's video to our front-line workers
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