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Billie joined Youth Development Action Team to help

Billie Morgan showing off her riding skills

Billie Morgan loves horses and dreams of one day becoming a professional trick rider and joined Council’s Youth Development Action Team to help others overcome challenges.

Billie, and the other Youth Development Action Team members, will kick start National Youth Week celebrations by explaining why they signed up to be one of the young voices in the Bundaberg Region.

As thousands celebrate National Youth Week, in the Bundaberg Region it’s extended to Youth Month giving young people a chance to highlight their great initiatives and share ideas.

Bundaberg’s Youth Development Action Team is made up of 16 young people who want to help make a difference in their local community.

Council's community development officer Steffi Bates said being part of the team was an exciting opportunity for the youth of Bundaberg to work in partnership with Council and assist with identifying issues being experienced by young people in our region.

Billie strives to build a better future

Graduating from high school last year, Billie believes striving to build a better future for the young in our community is important and hopes her role in the team can assist others overcome challenges.

“Being part of the YDAT means a lot to me, as it’s a way I can actively be involved in helping to improve the struggles many young people face these days,” Billie said.

“About four years ago my family and I started volunteering for the Bundaberg Riding for the Disabled (RDA), where we were able to help people with disabilities through horse riding.

“We have become quite involved in the RDA centre by becoming coaches and taking on management roles.”

While attending Bundaberg Riding for the Disabled, Billie has witnesses some wonderful moments and has been given opportunities she wouldn’t have had without giving her time to volunteer.

“My favourite part of RDA is watching the significant improvements in each client after their lessons on the horses,” Billie said.

“I have been given many great opportunities through RDA, I was even lucky enough to represent both Bundaberg and Queensland RDA in two national RDA awards, that I won in 2018.

“Those awards then led me to being awarded with the 2019 Young Australian Citizen of the Year for the Bundaberg Region.”

Youth Development Action Team Billie Morgan
Council’s Youth Development Action Team member Billie Morgan volunteers with Bundaberg Riding for the Disabled as she is passionate about helping others overcome challenges.

Life on the farm from a young age

Billie said family was important to her, and she had lived all 18 years of her life with her parents and older sister on a property that is nestled between both sets of her grandparents, at Bucca.

“We have a variety of animals; we not only have the normal house cat and dog, but also a peahen who thinks she’s a dog?” Billie said.

“In my family we all share the love of horses, which is probably why we have more than the average couple of horses – currently 21 in total.

“They take up most of our spare time which is great because I love spending time with my sister riding and working with them.”

The 18-year-old has a passion for trick riding – a sport that involves a series of dangerous stunts that are performed on a fast-moving horse.

“Trick Riding is something very unique and special to me,” she said.

“I definitely have big dreams and goals for my future in this industry.

“I was actually supposed to be in America doing training with some top professional trick riders right now, but unfortunately due to the current travel restrictions, I’ve had to postpone my trip.”

Billie’s future plan is to become a professional trick rider and perform live shows.

“I’m also working towards starting a business in the future where I can teach others how to perform trick riding safely,” she said.

“Away from the show business side of things, I’d like to study to become a veterinary nurse as I love animals and caring for their special needs.”

Billie’s message to the young people in the Bundaberg Region is to follow your dreams.

“My advice to anyone reading this would be, don’t let the fear of failure stop you from chasing your own dreams.

No matter how different they are, they are uniquely yours and no one else can fulfil them as well as you can.”

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